Random makeup for past occasion

dblchinisssss wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup yo yea weee!

ok this happens kinda longggggg ago but since is worth reading y not right?

Remember I did a shoot for Les Affaires nong nong time ago?

yea here's the makeup and hairrrrrrrr do.


I'm purple eyeshadow from 88 palette with a tint of warm peachy tone on the inner corners of my eyes


I layered 2 different lashes on to of each other to bring out my makeup better in pictures and as for my bottom lash, I used dolly wink No.7 Vivid Pop


Instead of using all the bottom lashes I use partial to look less dramatic as my eyes are really small no matter how much I tried to stretch them.

For blush I used Majolica Majorca Puff the Cheeks in PK301


Trying to fake the Pedo smile from Queenie.


ok fail.

Not forgetting to coat my bottom lash line with the same eyeshadow colour as above but you dblchinis can go a little darker I suppose.


Alrighty bye~


Fern Li said...

i love you makeup~ so so pretty!! ^^
i wanna try out those vivid pop lashes~ scared i might lose them after a few uses though like my baby cute ones orz

CAMILLA said...

those lashes are banggggg...
they look good on you

$moke ♔ said...

So pretty and looks kind of mysterious ^^

Anna said...

This is such a pretty make-up and I'd call it your signature look because you rock purple. Also love the lashes you used!