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Weeeee dblchinis!

Good day, I'm glad I'm updating constantly, bet u all are happy too! HAHA

alrighty introducing...


So what is Herashop excatly?

Herashop is named after the greek goddess Hera from greek mythology. Hera was the Goddess of Women, and her mythical creature was a peacock. The greek goddess Hera's chariot was also depicted to be pulled by peacocks, and hence the peacock feather in Herashop's logo.
Herashop carries products like Clothing to accessories and shoes from overseas countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and many other that are meticulously handpicked by them.

Recently they've launched a collection called the 'Whimsical Allure' I'm looking forward the the piece of awesome material they will be sending me.

Cravate Nouer in Nude
The name of this outfit si bei chim.

I definitely love the pastel pink, very sweet and ribbons are Incorporated onto the shoulder straps which brings more femininity to the outfit.

What I love about Herashop is their Rings in the Accessories section.

This is my favourite!

Golden Bronze Owl Ring
I got a huge thing for owl you know...

This will also be snt to me, can't wait to receive this awesome thing!

Now Herashop is available for pre-ordering for their

Siren Shoes

as well as

Ardent Accessories

Do check them out now, who knows u might just catch something you fancy, remeber to hurry Pre-order close on 17th sep 2011!

here's Herashop Facebook page link:
Hera Blogshop Facebook

Best of all, you dblchinis can get free normal mail for the Preorder (both shoes & accessories) if u quote 'dblchin'

Check them out now!!!


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yvonne said...

I gotta agree the name of the outfit is very long and non-understandable :p