[blogging on the go] richie says TIGF!

GD Friday dblchinis!

Blogging on the go now! Yes from time to time I will try to blog on the go right here right now.

And today is Friday, lets rejoice and look forward to weekend.

Here's a pic of Richie , my silky terrier nuahing in the bed for your viewing pleasure.

To him everyday is Friday, lazy little bastard. But I love him nonetheless.

Alrighty, talk soon and lots a loveeeee!



Konayachi-nyan said...

Aww Richie is so cute :DD *poke richie*
Btw, congrats on ur marriage :D You look awesome on that dress :3 wish you a happy life


sugar sugar said...

awwwww richie is super adorable! :)

$moke ♔ said...

adorable! ^^