I got Married (ROM/Solemnization) Hand Bouquet


Hi dblchinisssss!

For those of you followed me on Twitter (@dblchin) already knew that I've signed the marriage papers a month ago.
But still not too late to congratulate me! haha!

Yes, I held my Solemnization over at a hotel with my bestest friends and closest relatives & I'm considered 'Married' in the eyes of law.
I'm still looking forward to a traditional ceremony happening next year where there will be feast for hundreds of people and my marriage will be recognized by my relatives and friends.

ok back to the Solemnization. Trixy, a beauty blogger that favors majorly in Japanese makeup/fashion knew I was signing the papers.

She introduced her sister, Jac Florist from LOVEDROPLETS.
& have decided to sponsor me a hand bouquet for my solemnization!

She is really one of the nicest blogger around, lub u max trix!

Anyways We started discussing and I gave her a few of my inspirations.
A table of pastels.

and colour palette I found at DIASO
haha yes is dish washing sponge but the colour combi is awesome don't u think so?

So later on I extracted a few bouquets from LOVEDROPLETS website which I like

Love how the sweet Greens, pinks white goes together.

I kinda like how the flowers cascading down but I'm rather petite so this might not be suitable.
but still,is sucha a beauty bouquet isn't it?

This simply homogenous of plain and simple colours that goes so well together

I shortlisted this too because of the brown that goes so well with the flower buds.
They have plenty selection to choose from, u should go check it out.

I also mentioned to her it would be awesome if I could add some blings.

so from all that inspires, Jac finally came up with the bouquet that I love.Photobucket
Is a combination of Vanilla, Champagne Roses & white alstromeria to give a clean and neat classic wedding look. Jac didn't want to overdo the gems thus she added a sweet little brooch to my bouquet handle.
finishing touch is of a dark chocolate brown ribbon that gives a nice contrast as well as certain depth to the flowers.

Hey that's your regular dblchin holding the bouquet.
I'll post more pics in the next entry.
*ps I did the makeup myself*

More of the hand bouquet
Jac added a brooch to bling up the entire bouquet to make it look more sophisticated~

ok make a guess, which one is my groom.
srsly I think they both look more like couples; groom and the groom. *wink*

Here are the few pics I've taken with my digi cam.
Coz I love this bouquet so much I can't bear to let it go to waste without shooting more pics of it.

After the entire event, my groom is now relaxing on the bed with the flowers in view.

So hop over to LOVEDROPLETS and check out their flowers now.

Website : http://www.lovedroplets.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/LoveDroplets
Twitter : http://twitter.com/lovedroplets
Email : info@lovedroplets.com

They do lots more thank making hand bouquet, if you need services for wedding venue do not hesitate to contact them.


Thank you for the lovely bouquet!

*I'm not paid to blog this.
High res photos are from JJ Depiction.


jamie writes said...

congratulations! may the new phase in life brings you much joy, peace and love for the years to come! :D

Hayley said...

Congrats!! The flowers are as beautiful as you!!

Jessica said...

OMG U look so Beautiful!!!!!

Locke said...

uwaah! you're so gorgeous!!! love the gown and the bouquets are just fab! congrats again dear! <3

Maybeline said...

Congrats! ;)

yvonne said...

Congrats!! The bouquet of white flowers was beautiful, but you looked amazing in the white dress!

OMG, you did the makeup yourself? You are pro, gal...

xinyun said...

congratulations :)
lovely gown, flowers and photos :)

Anna said...

Still can't stop complimenting you on the beauty and love god gave you <3

Elora Mariel said...

CONGRATULATIONS! The flowers look so pretty and you look gorgeous! :D

I really love your hairstyle too and the colour! :D

Can't wait to see more photos! hehehe

Sam said...

You look awesoome! Congratulations! =D

Uma Preve said...

Congratulations! You look great btw!

secretfashionlove said...

Wow Congratulations !
And good luck you look absolutely Great
Love S.

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Pop Champagne said...

congrats you look beautiful! the descending flowers is really neat, I've never seen it done like that before. the one you picked out totally suits you!

Carrie said...

Congrats dear :) The bouquet of flowers was beautiful and you look so gorgeous!

Morbidfrank said...

wow Congratulations! :) You looks stunning! Can't wait for your traditional wedding ceremony. :)

hevn said...

Ah, I didn't know! CONGRATS CLARA!!!!
I'm super happy for you and you look absolutely beautiful

I must admit that I love the florist. She's goood. If I was living in Singapore and getting married, she would be the one to hire! Lucky you!

Soh Hong Wei said...

Congrats!! =)

SF Chan said...