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Hi dblchinisssss!!!

Yes 2 blogpost in a day, this is how Much I lub you guys~

Yes I'm going to share with you some awesome pre-order items I loveeeeeeee.

Check it out here!!!

Pre-Order your Necklace here
Love this Owl necklace! It goes well with a huge variety of outfits~

Pre-Order your Earrings here

Ok I'm not that crazy about earrings but... I'm totally in love with this pair of royal purple earrings.

Pre-Order your Bracelet here

Major love with vintage, I see a fusion or modern and old in this piece.

Pre-Order your Rings here

This website has a thing for owls & I'm srsly crazyyyyyyyyyyy over it.
Harryyyy potter, come come...

Pre-Order your skirt, dresses and blouse here

and here

I never thought Vintage top could look this chic! This is only @$20 each! Comes in a set. More pretty dresses from apparels C01 are pricing from $15 only.
You got me this time round Loveien19!

Pre-Order your hat, denim shorts and leggings here

Totally dig the gloss and matt feel to this pair of leggings at only $13 bucks! U should check it out if you are interested, they have more designs instore.

Pre order your wallet, phone/tablet casing, bag organizer here

OMG, this is love love love!This is sucha pretty bag, like a construction extracted from a tuxedo.
Feminine, masculine and chic, at only $22.

Pre-order your pet supplies here

Ok I'm so gonna make Richie save the world this time round. and Superman costume suit for dog cost only @ SGD11.00 onwards

Pre-order your Novelty items here

haha, are you for real? like srsly?
yes that's the portable amplifier for Iphone 4! Now who dare complain music not loud enuf?!
is going @only $8.00!!! somemore u get 8 colors to choose from!

I know dblchinis, sometimes you see is not what you get but with Loveien, they have this dare to promised policy.
"Your concern is my concern.
Most photos HERE is accompanied with 100% the actual products photo shoot from the supplier OR at least 90% similar (which is due to lack of raw material from different batch of orders they manufactured) I believe all of us have bad experience shopping online. The disappointment are usually the quality difference from the photos we seen provided from the store owner. For you to have a peace of mind shopping with us. LovEien19 strive for 100% quality & customer satisfactory. Have 100% confidence in placing your order with LovEien19. If your order/orders arrive with more than 10% difference from the photo. A exact product photo will be taken and send to your email for your reference & verification. If you are not satisfy, full refund will be process to you within 24hrs.
Hope you have a pleasure time shopping with us.
Shopping builds up every girls confidence.
So do SHOP with all your HEART ♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you for all your kind support!"

Additional, to add on to your eggcitment...
10 fastest paying dblchinis that Quote 'dblchin' during payment will receive a FREE gift worth more than $2(minimum purchase of $10 will do)
How awwwwwsome is that?!

Besides pre-ordering the items above, Loveien19 also carries in-stocks, so who knows U might just get your items tomorrow~

So hurry now~
90% of their Pre-order Fashion accessories are pricing @
Any 3 for $10.00

How cool is that?

Shop now with


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