Look of the Day using MJ Jeweling eyeshadow

Yelloooooo dblchinis!!!

This time round I'm using the palette from Majolica Majorica given to me sometime ago.

I had my top and bottom lash coated with the blue shades
Water Fairy Lenses by SassyLove
I swear to god they made me look more Japanese.

and winged out my liner to create a slight cat eye effect.

yea push up bras are good stuff..

Thanks for reading dblchinis!

cya soon!

*Not paid to blog this.


bunnyluverz said...

love the look! I totally love those contacts! i want them!

sugar sugar said...

lovely! you're getting prettier dear clara! :)

Sheoh Yan said...

Nice blue shadow.

Veronica Foon said...

The blue is very nice!

Kelvin said...

I agreed. *nods*

Anna said...

This make-up is just SO you, your signature look and I love it to the deepest!

$moke ♔ said...

You look great with the blue shades! Suits you really well!

Eve said...

Ohhh i love how you look with the e/s on!!
is that a silky terrier?i have a silky terrier too, maybe we can have a date with the puppies! hmm sounds wrong, but you kno what i mean!lol
anyway, you have super pretty eyes, dont bang the wall just yet.:(