water fairy lenses by sassylove

hi to all the nice dblchinis out there!!!

Rember I talked about the Sassylove in my last post?
Today I'm gonna review on the rest of SassyLove Waterfairy lenses

Water fairy lenses in 'Natural Black'
These lenses made me iris 2X bigger than usual so it kinda look like that if I had one on...
(hows my arrow? cool not?)
Gui, Hantu Scary shit.

After seeing myself like tat, I shot my arse off to put on the other side

it really enhance my entire look, it kinda made my nose smaller or did I photoshop my nose?
I forgot liao.
But the lenses is freaking hugeass I had a hard time fitting it in to my eyes.

if you look closely, you can see the floral pattens of the lenses in my eyes even the colour of the lense is black!

Water Fairy in Feminie Brown

Scary shit once again.
*runs to put on the other side*

I love it it sparkles after putting them on.

It suddenly gives life to my pair of eyes but Soli ar, I'm taken.

Sassylove offers not only Water Fairy lenses, they have a huge variety of different lenses for you to choose from!
I heard wind that they just started their #10 spree, hey go check it out nao!

Sassylove Sassylove

*I'm not paid to blog this.


Elisa ♥ said...

oh i like the first one!!.. the second pair of lenses are looking a bit freaky xD

ken said...

too big is quite unnatural :)

Fern Li said...

wow~ i like the first pair. finally~~ a black lens with visible designs!!

not sure about the second pair! looks nicer from afar which is good!

yvonne said...

This lenses are good for manga look XD

Anna said...

I like the ones in brown better on you, when you wear the black lenses, the pattern can be hardly seen <3

sugar sugar said...

love the effect it gives your eyes! i like the black ones better on you doll!

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

so pretty !!! Love them both =]

Anonymous said...

how do they feel?