Fendi Feminine Fragrance ♥ I smell Luxurious ♥

Woot dblchinis!!!

Check out this latest Fendi Feminine Fragrance !
called the Fan Di Fendi!

Is Now exclusively available South East Asia,
Yes our very Own CHANGI AIRPORT!

Ok I know airport very the big and where to find ley?
U can get them ar NUANCE-WATSONS with the store nameed 'Perfumes + cosmetics'

They are harboring at the airport for the month of August before it hits other stores!

This sexy little Fragrance has a taste of glamor in its design & the mixtures of this perfume has a light blend of tangerine, pear, blackcurrant and flowery scent like Rose and yellow jasmin.
It is said to be suitable for dblchinis that are fun-loving, free spirit, crazy about life, luxury & everything lovely.
Wow, except for being cheapskate, this perfume describes me! u know me!

Do check out stores and sample the scent of this lovely Fagrance !


*Retailing at $107.00 for 50ml, $129 for 75ml

*I'm not paid to blog this.


MereMakeupManiac said...

gorgeous bottle!

Hayley said...

The design of the bottle is cool!

yvonne said...

Wow, love the bottle. Not sure whether this has landed in Malaysia or no :s

Anonymous said...

Ooh Fendi perfume! So sexy ;)
It sounds like it smells amazing.
Rose and yellow jasmin, nice! <3

XoXo, Bree
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CHERRING said...

new love? XD