Singapore Blog Awards 2011- Pocahontas

Hey hi dblchinis!

I know this is overdue but still the pics uber interesting and uber lot of hotties, so u srsly shld read on!

Yes is the Singapore blog awards happened almost a month ago.

If some of you dblchinis read me before,
I'm nominated for the Adonis Best Beauty blog awards but unfortunately I didn't win any instead another deserving winner Moonberry got the title.

I'm so proud of her, coz she really puts in a lot of effort.

Not say I never put in huh but I knew she manage to put in 0.01% more hardwork than me, so yea.

Anyways we are suppose to dress up as Famous Historical figure so I went as
Who says Pocahontas is fictional?

Here are some of the pics from the OMY.SG awards
All the hotties in a row.

Thats Sara!
She got a surprise later in the night for her 21st bday.
I'm awesome at keeping mum.

This person, short hair also chio, long hair also chio
Ok I go hang myself now.

Hey thats Yongwei & me & yongwei!
Ok I decided not to end my life.

Never seen such beautiful twins.
God, pls bless me with a pair in future.

Sexy lady with the sexy dress.
One malfunction that's it, but shes sexy and safe.
how she do it?

Hey me cousin's classmate.
I stole the pics from him (LEONGRAPHY)

Thanks Omy omy omy.

ok bye!


Anna said...

You make such an adorable Pochahontas. I've always been greatly fascinated with native Americans and their history, so of course I knew the story's based on true facts ;)

Pammy said...

You are the cutest Pocahontas ever! And all you ladies look gorgeous. Those twins are so pretty too! :)

Uma Preve said...

Cute Poca Pocahontas!

Ice Pandora said...

Oh I think you are a cute Pochahontas ^___^
Great event! Bummer that you didn't win but hey we still love your blog ^__^


Maria May said...

Love your pocahontas dressup ! <3 did you make the costume yourself?
And those twins are some beautiful :O matching both hairstyles and colors...

MB said...

LMAO~~~~ 0.01% more effort than u, yes yes. *BLUSH* ;) I love your blog too. Dinner end of the month okie? *xoxo*

Yours always,

*hur hur hur*

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Pocahontas another fab fancy dress! You all look wonderful on your night out!

The twins look like absolute dolls! on top of that they have stunning hair. I've always wanted twins. :)

Stephanie Ee said...

Nice outfit~~ Win win ^^