Pilot Frixion- Erase your past away~


Who says u can't turn back time?
With Pilot Frixion, confirm can!
A lil about pilot, they are the oldest and largest manufacturer in Jpn. Blardi hell, y all these geniuses are Japanese???
Actually not really la, geniuses are everywhere, u are reading one right now.
Pilot took on different approach in every aspect, students, artistes and people that are just looking for improve writing & in this case, erasable colour pens, Pilot FriXion.

Initially I wanted to draw a tiger but thank god for my talent, it turned into a pig.
Nevertheless, I still want a tiger.

So I turn to the tip
*erase erase erase erase....*

There u go! Awesome resemblance to a tiger...
Now I just need to add some colours....
U know the gd thing about pilot friXion?

They comes in 10 great colours for u to doodle on: brown, light green, orange, pink, blue, violet, green, blue , red & black

However, a word of advise against the use of Pilot FriXion point on documents like cheques, legal material, exam papers due to their erasable source. Also do not leave written items at temp 65 degree (c) above, clrs might subject to fade.

So have fun with erasable colours right now~!

Pilot FriXion Point retails at major bookstores at S$2.35 each.
(Writing my checklist of the day)

ok bye!

*I'm not paid to blog this


Maeve Rachel said...

These look great! And a good price too! Wish you could get them here! Also I love your pig/tiger! It's so cute ^.^

Fern Li said...

my friends have pens similar to that! except the eraser kind of tears the paper a little, also makes an ugly dint in the paper == hahaha

Hayley said...

Wow, you drew that? So nice!!

sugar sugar said...

cute crawings dear! i wonder if these are available in my country? hmmm.. would like to doodle too haha! :)

나니 said...

That is so cool! : D I love skinny pens like those.. I will definitely be looking out for them in stores!

hevn said...

Looks fun! I remember i bought an erasable(?) pen a while back but couldn't find it anymore so this will be a good replacement. Yay! I go buy