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Ellooooooo dblchinis!!!

Guess What I'm gg blog about today?
Yes is B Waxingggggggg!!!

This time I'm trying out the STRIP's latest Strawberry Wax
It is a gentle and soothing formula that is perfect for Brazilian Virgins. This pretty pink wax contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts to calm even the most delicate skin, (priced at $58)

Even though I'm not a Brazilian Virgin, I got to try this out thanks to Pearlin, she always shares the bestest deals/events, in this case, hairless experience with me.
good or not?

A little about STRIP:
STRIP is the first waxing concept boutique in Singapore dedicated to saving women from years of bad body hair! STRIP comes packing with our HSQ mantra: HYGIENE, SPEED and QUALITY. Simply, there is absolutely no double dipping, we use the best of the best waxes and our STRIP-erellas Strap on (their latex gloves) and STRIP Off (the wax) in 15 minutes flat!

So lets take a loook at the interior of the boutique:
Alphabetical shelf

Another rack full of the waxing goodness

They have a couple of rooms for waxing, that's what I like about.

Some of the commercial prices.
Yea go ahead, laugh at the word crack.

ok I'm trying out their Strawberry wax, is a new sweet smelling wax in strawberry scent (of course) This is developed for B Virgin as mentioned earlier. The creamy pink wax wafts a deliciously comforting strawberry scent.

Because it is specially formulated to be super soft and easy to apply it can be spread so thinly on the skin, it dries quickly and evenly.

It also mentioned the discomfort level is lowered to the minimum but it wasn't that way for my case. I haven't wax for nearly 2 months, so I kinda considered myself RE-Virginised before the treatment.
Yea I know right, I can pop a hello to 'Bush' down south.

It wasn't excreamly pain it wasn't minimum either, is still back to the pain level but is tolerable.
However, I love how clean it feels after waxing.
I also didn't catch too much of the strawberry smell either, probably faint scent from time to time. Think my nose grew too far away from my pussycat.

The best thing about Blogging, you get to bring all the awesome goodies home...
... CAMWHORE with it.

Their press kit is so creative and cute~

you have got edible items.
Yam Yam in this case, think only available in asia.

and strawberry chupa chups~

Yea that's my badge.
Besides starwberry waxing, they also do provide chocolate waxing, cool not?
bf laughed so hard when I told him this, have absolutely no idea.

And now for this kit....
a handy Brazilian Virgin Kit which contains all the essential Post Wax Care: X'ed Out Cream, Ice Cream, Peace Ampoule, Strawberry Body Scrub and Strawberry Body Butter, all housed in the cute lego inspired box.
STRIP's Brazilian Virgin Kit
(priced at $25)

So now for the awesome promotion!
From now Till 31 July 2011, STRIP is offering:
STRIP Brazilian Virgins 30% off their first Brazilian Wax (U.P. $58)
On top of that, STRIP Brazilian Virgins get to purchase the Brazilian Virgin Kit at just $15 (U.P. $25)
(please ignore the price given in the pic, promo price is stated as above)

Also checkout the new STRIP outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre, this time at street level. Facing Chjimes, the new outlet has five treatment rooms, each of which boasts STRIP’s trademark blend of colour and quirky custom designed furniture. Stripping off just became a lot more convenient.

Also checkout their website for their specific locations offered for Females as well as MALES.

have a hairless dayyyy
I'm sure by now u know life is about a pot of strawberries...


-Usual Price for waxing, $58.
Now till 31th July, 30% off first Brazilian Waxing
-Brazilian Virgin Kit, $25.
Now till 31th July, Kit priced at $15
-all prices listed above is before GST

*I'm not paid to blog this.


Anonymous said...

They looked really yummy and cute but also painful! haha!

Teresa M. Cuevas said...

OMG! those lollipops are so yummy!! but recently i don't know where to find them in my country :( send me a package!! haha

nice blog<3


Blogger said...

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