lets get down pretty with LOVELYSPREE ♥

Hey dblchinis~

People around me always giving me Awesome critics about my dress sense.

Lets read some live testimonials:

'PearlinS thinks I'm fashion Savvy,'
'JoanneL commented I'm a ever changing chameleon'
Brother thinks I look fat in every outfit'
'Another bro refuses to give comments on my outfit'
'my parents agrees that I looked bloated in most outfit'
'my bf says is best if I don't wear any outfit when I'm alone with him (I made that up) '

with the probability of 2 good reviews VS amount of crap my family has given (bet they are in cahoots),

I've decided once again to review about fashion.

This time, the clothing are snt from....


They total snt me 4 tops in 2 different collections~

Lets take a look at collection 1
3/4 sleeve full length top with graphic prints~

Is a little warm for summer now, I'll wear it during Autumn then.
who M I kidding, S'pore only 1 season, SUMMER

Actually I could use this for colder days like the past few months, so I gotta wait for another 7 months for this to happen.
SIAO AR! U think make of fur izit?
This is truly good enough to wear out in the evening for dinner or hangout with friends
However, when u r baring ur ass towards the hot scotching sun, don't wear black

This pic nothing much, just to show u how straight my teeth are with the aid of Invisalign
The clr of graphic print use is good enough for you to pair with a simple bottom, just black body with white print.

U know when I see tees are printed multicolored especially with combi of green, Red & white.
Is as if the whole roulette wheel is slapped across the upper torso, I almost wanted to place my bet on the chest like that.
Is ok if u don't get what I mean, I get what I mean can liao.

Because is body length, you can just simply throw on a pair of leggings or shorts and headout.
I wouldn't recommend Denim though, looks too heavy if paired with jeans
Sometimes Being petite is good, other ppl wear can barely the belly button but give me wear can cover until my arse.

Check out this studded white top!

I love tops that are adorn with embellishments.
Quality of the outfit are truly decent as well.

IS not uber GOOD, I mean if you are looking for top notch quality U should head to branded boutiques. For me, I can only afford to buy a skirt and chew as ration for the rest of the month.

To support my former statement, this is definitely not made of low quality where the studs are cloudy or old looking, U know how some cheap diamante look like right? lack of luster and such.
Well... this does not.

I'm pairing it with my high-waist shorts.

and can u see all my messy clothes behind?
Yes I do prioritize,
work first,
laundry later

That's me camwhoring! Quick Clap!!!

Love the gathers at the sleeve area.

Another camwhoring pose! Quick Clap AGAIN!!!

Grey long sleeve with Gathers at neckline.

This one makes me look really cute.
I mean How cute can I not get when I show my Peace sign?

Cute = NOT ugly & Adorable.

I will totally wear this out with my hot shorts or simply tapered pants.
I like the ruching at the bust area, makes me look like a triple D cup right?
Is all in the mind people.
Illusion drives men crazy.

ok this one... also to show u my teeth v straight.
I'm in this position eversince my teeth got straighter.
But my expression quite spastic.

Take a closer look at the detail, because ruched details are cut raw edged thus I strongly suggest that you wash this top inside out.
if you wash it as per normal it might cause the fabric fray or stretch.

I'm wearing this top with a off white tapered pants.
If you are wearing a top with quite a bit of details, try to minimize the bottom with a neutral colour.

Overlapping over Sleeveless top.
This top is very Zen inspired.

It has black block colours at the collar and the sides that makes the outfit looks interesting.
You can match it with either black or grey skinny bottoms.

Love how the outfit drapes across my body and that the collar hangs loosely on my neckline.

I'll recommend to wear something inside as the length of the top is a little short for me & also the armholes are big.
You can put on a simple cami or tube top inside.

In my case I'm pairing the outfit with a petite shorts.

Clothing snt to me by Lovelyspree matches excatly with the photos on their website thus rest assure that U will see what you get.

So I guess without hesitation, do hop over and check them out~!




*This is a paid advert, clothing are sponsored. However, blog entry is entirely composed with my own words.


나니 said...

WHUUUUUUT? O_O Your entire family thinks you look bloated? That sucks.. -hugs-
I think you look amazing : D I usually sit around the house in a pair of over-worn leggings and my dad's old sweater! LOL

Xiaoxin said...

the last top is very nice!! :)

Ice Pandora said...

I don't understand your family think you look fat! In my opinion you look niceee, very fashionable ^^ My favorite is the white top with these rynstones on it & the button up shorts!


joana said...

you look beautiful don't understand your family either!

Anna said...

Who the fuck are these ppl that dare to judge about you? I bet they're ugly, fat and fugly (LOLOLOLOL makes no sense la), you look super stunning in these outfits and I wish I was as skinny as you!

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

I really love last 2 tops! Specially the last one, that one is so cool!
Your family thinks you are fat? if i look like you do, my grandma would cry and ask me why did i do this to myself?! She would say that i'm ill skinny hahaha (:

Uma Preve said...

I like the studded top! Looks very simple yet cute! You look lovely as always!

Elisa ♥ said...

you fat? no wayyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your grey outfit the mostttt ^^ love it how different styles of clothing still matches you

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

love all the outfits!! especially the last top that looks really good on you ^^ looking even more beautiful with the new teeth xD

Fern Li said...

you are really fashionable~
your family same with mine, they always tell me im fat~ they will only think im skinny until i become anorexic!
i really like the ruched top!

sugar sugar said...

you look absolutely stunning in all the outfits! :) love love love your fashion sense dear! :)

Hayley said...

I like all the tops here` Especially the 2nd one ^^

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE your style; and you are gorgeous - your eyes are amazing!! :)

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Love the 5th picture.... natural looking

Sheoh Yan said...

All the tops are very fashionable and in. I like the 3rd one.

Yvonne said...

Lol @ your family's comments. I think they are trying to motivate you, in the wrong message. Like the last piece of clothes, chic looking ☺

Lisa said...

Thank you for your comment I think that's the sweetest comment I've ever gotten! Haha you look incredible hot in the last outfit! I'm so jealous od your eyes they're so big!! I wish I had big eyes like yours!

I'm following you now would love for you to follow me too!

g.ta said...

Oh I want invisalign too!! =`)

Hercy said...

Aaah you're not even chubby! How come your family members say you look bloated?! LOL But anyway, I love the white top and the long-sleeved gray top on you. You look really pretty! *u* I wish Invisaligns are offered here already!! I'm tired of my braces =__=

DinaXYYan said...

The white studded top and the grey ruffles top are so cute!
You don't look fat and bloated at all!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

You don't look bloated you! The sleeveless overlapping top looks chic as-well as the white diamante top.

ed.inc said...

i thk u wiil be sexy if u just wear the black t-shirt? coz ord show ur shoulder! hahahhaa...

Mimi said...

you are so not fat! anyways, i think it's cool that you get sponsored clothing! :)

<3, Mimi

for the love of beauty by lara said...

great haul! they look reai gud on u! :)