Qian Zu Ge- you onestop wellness

hihi dblchinis!

I got invited to Qian Zu Ge for a
Lipolysis & body detoxification treatment (worth $212)
An oriental based wellness centre.

When I stepped out of the lift (located Lv 4 ROCCA Balestier) I kinda submerge into the oriental ambiance of the spa centre.


Even the reception is filled with huge dose of Asian culture.

Then I got ushered to my designated room.

ok not here.
I think is is cater for thai massage or something.
I love the oriental feel to the curtains.

okie, lets enter
to the world of relaxation...

I got on to my locker ...

changed into a new set of outfit

To get ready for DETOXING!

They have a shower area for you to cleanse your body after treatment.
I didn't get to use them because I had detox wrap onto my body when I left the place.

here's my friendly and nice masseuse.
she is constantly checking whether I'm feeling comfortable at certain pressure points.
She let me have a choice between massaging on my thighs or tummy, so I chose my tums instead.

The treatment lasted 2 hours as she concentrated on scrub, massage and detoxification.

when she started scrubbing, I'm already 1/2 asleep...
After a long day of work, this is just what I need.

Next, she got onto using this huge machine, to travel against the contours of my tummy. Later that I found out that actually this 'transformer looking machine' is the equipment for lifting and toning that helps to sculpt the problem area.

Even thought I'm feeling suction beneath the lift and tone equip, I'm already 3/4 asleep.

when she's done, she proceed to do infrared treatment to break down the toxins in that area.
at that point, I completely knocked out.
Too relax liao.

Well... of course this is suppose to help me slim down cum detox a little but it didn't happen as I've only went for one complimentary treatment.

Regardless of that, I have to say, my tummy feels a little sore the next day.
I guess the massage is taking a huge effect on my tummy speeding up the effect of detoxification.
After the entire session, she coiled me up with cling wrap and some massage oil and mentioned that I should leave it on for at least 30 mins before taking it off.
Yea I took it off when I got home but the cream had ooze out and stain my shirt...

Qian Zu Ge has also a variety of rooms for exclusive services.
For facial

for shoulders
and legs.

not forgetting private rooms with huge dose of eastern feel

All At Singapore's very first Oriental spa concept,



We have a Special promotion exclusively for you dblchinis!

Enjoy this detoxification treatment with 70% Off

Lifting & Toning Treatment @ $88.80 (u.p $296/120mins)

Terms & conditions:

  • valid for the 1st time (new) customer only
  • advance booking required, please call 62510055 for an appointment
  • please mention “dblchin Blogger” upon appointment
  • Promotion price above is before 7% gst imposed
  • Discount cannot be used with other promotions or discounts
  • Management reserved the right to amend any terms & conditions without prior notice
  • Valid till 28 February 2011
(Format Credited to Shirleen )


*treatment is sponsored.


Hayley said...

Sounds relaxing! Am planning to experience it myself... haha :D

sugar sugar said...

i should go to the spa soon. :) the place looks so nice and i'm sure you had a wonderful experience dear! :3

hellomissa said...

That sounds delicious!
Your love will LOVE the effort and time you'll put into making him such a beautifully delicious gift. (=

This blog looks so relaxing. No joke though. I thought massage on thighs sounded appealing to me. Haha. I'd have to experience that some time.

Well, take care girl and happy blogging. (=

Much love,

MB said...

Mmm, sounds like a nice place to go to. After all the CNY binge-ing, I can certainly use a Lipolysis & body detoxification treatment! :D


gingerSnap said...

Wow, this is a nice place to go.

Grace Wong said...

how cool, I've never been to a spa before!

Thanks for the coment!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

oh wow, this is so lovely! Lucky you and loved how you analyze each step with how fast you knocked off! Looks so nice but sorry to hear it stained your shirt :( I hope it came off!!!

Alvin Lim said...

vvip services ?
p/s do they pay u to do this as well ?

Pop Champagne said...

aww the pictures didn't display for me but from what I read it sounds sooo lovely! I would like to go there :D