dblchin Aquagirls Party~

Hi dblchinis!

I've finally advanced to the last stage of the Aqualabel competition!
Thank you so much to u dblchinis who voted for me!!!

If you have missed any of the aqualabel entries u can check them out here (Auditions), here (Workshop), here (video) & HERE (Voting)!

Therefore I'm holding a private partieee for u dblchinis out there

I called it the :

"dblchin AquaGirls Party~"

Brought to you by Aqualabel

It will be held on 4th oct 2010, from 7-9pm

Venue will be in town ( SINGAPORE),
only selected parties will b informed of the exact venue and theme.

This is gonna b a fun filled evening as I will b playing host to all you dblchinis!
There will be workshop on Aqualabel Whitening Range and other exciting activities.
Well not forgetting Light refreshments and goodie bags!
I'll float like a social butterfly so be sure to prepare yourself for the excitement that awaits lol~

So what do u have to do to win these passes to my Aquagirls partyyy????

just email your details, Name & Contact no. with the subject "dblchin AquaGirls Party" to


* important* U have to be VERY COMMITTED to attend my party,
if u are unable to confirm your attendance, PLEASE DO NOT RSVP.

Deadline will end this friday 12pm, so do hurry~


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Rooting for u! :)

Pop Champagne said...

oh so much fun and congrats that you are hosting the event! I wish I can go, but I will root for you over the internet, make sure to take lots of pics hun! I wanna see themmm :D

Blair said...

Have fun sweets!!! I'll defo root for you as well =D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

congrats!! Sounds so fun and hope everything goes well and determinately Enjoy!!