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hey hi dblchinis.

I got invited to try out this 7 haven Chakra massage from Adonis.
A gentle and light body massage that uses Aromatic Essential Oil to purge out the bad in your body and re-balance it to the right condition.
Adonis, a widely known household brand back in the 90's has actually bring forward many services in aesthetic and beauty. Thus this time round, they are pampering the ladies with this awesome massage that not improves the body but also the health and mind.


So I got down for my R & R nightout with Adonis.

And they served me Tea (right in e centre) with ginseng extract.
I immediately questioned whether they do they have caffeine in such teas as I suffer sleepless nights at times of caffeine intake.
And yay! lucky for me! No caffeine, these teas are safe for consumption without looking like a panda the next day.

Next I proceed to where I'm suppose to indulge in goodness of the massage...

Through this glass door...

when I proceed to one of the rooms, I saw the awesome display of essential oils that serves different functions on improving the 'inner' part of the body.

Actually all dblchinis including me has 6 points of chakra in our body.
And these parts are very essential to our well being, they determine our mental and physical health.

Some areas of the body needs to remain warm while others needs to stay cool so that the body will function well. Example:

Base, Abdomen & navel areas needs to remain warm all the time. Likewise, when the ladies have menses cramps they are usually advised to use a thermal heat pack on to place on they belly area or often told to avoid cold drinks during their menses.
The same analogy applies to chakra by adonis, which is determined as the 'yin' areas.

The Remaining areas where needed to keep cool are the: heart, throat, brows and Crown. also known as the 'yang' area of the body

When I got down to massage it WAS HEAVEN.
I'm not bullshitting, I drifted in and out my sleep because the session was so relaxing. The reason for intermittent wakes is because, I had respond to what the therapist explain for the nx step. Well... I didn't respond that much as a matter of fact, I just gave a groggy nods and falls bk to sleep.

I dunno whether did I snored loudly when she did rest of the massage or drool... coz I really enjoyed it so so much.

If I did, she saw it all.
Good god.

U dblchinis definitely should check them out!

Adonis outlets

Ang Mo Kio-Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4230 Tel: 6455 3255

Bedok-Blk 213 Bedok North St 1 #01-111 Tel: 444 3033

Bukit Gombak-Blk 372 Bukit BATOK St 31 #01-368 Tel: 6764 6606

Jurong-Blk 130 Jurong Eas St 13 #01-229 Tel: 6563 6066

Lucky Plaza-304 Orchard Rd #06-18 Tel: 6235 6566

Tampines-Blk 476 Tampines St 44 #01-201 Tel: 6757 3078

Vivo City-1 Harbourfront Walk #02-229 Tel: 6376 9525

Toa Payoh ( Licensee)-Blk 185 Toa Payoh Central #01-342 Tel: 6256 4086

They are all over Singapore!!!

Anyways, I would love to go back to Adonis once again for such relaxing session, It definitely aids me to sleep better.
Thanks for the awesome one!


*Though these treatments are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.

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