Aqualabel contest - The Video (stage 3)

Wheeee dblchinis~

I've officially advanced to the 3rd round of Aqualabel Competition.
yay! *clap Clap*

In any case If u've missed my first 2 rounds of the competition or u wana reminisce a little, u can click here for the Auditions & Workshop entries!

And now for the Grueling part of the competition....
The VIDEO Presentation!
This Video challenge is to do a recording at Aqualabel office on my favourite product from the brand itself
everyone is given 3 takes not exceeding 30 secs.

I'm sure U dblchinis know pretty well about raving on beauty products,
Is not that hard isn't it?
Like U can always choose to write Full Length review, whereby ur reader's middle finger gets weak and feeble by the time they scroll down to the bottom page.


prolong a 10 min video by giving grandma education about how awesome this toilet paper as compared to the other.

well...if time has exceeded and u still don't get to the point of how this toilet paper works?
U can always upload part 2 of the video.

HOWEVER, that is not always the case...

In this competition, I'm Racing against time,
especially when I need to present the nature of the product and how truly impressive it is to me. And of course how to make it look Wacky like my nature.

T0 boost the competitiveness, I & EVERYONE have only have like a mere 30 secs to giv out our best.

And Thankfully the deadlines had been extended, so instead of 9th September it had been shifted to
monday 13/09/10
yay! *flips 100 somersaults*

Therefore, I've screened throught a gazillion times to make sure it is almost ready before posting it up

Okays, lets check out the happenings @ Shiseido's office shall we???

We had some informal Video/photography education by:

Mr Zi Ang
AKA(Also Known As) yada yada
& also
CBKA(Could Be known As) someone who talks like he has just landed on earth
He taught us the importance on different modes when recording a video and taking pictures.

Next, he talks about Lighting.
Is really important to have good lighting as it will greatly affect the quality of your video.
ok and some of Fighting, maybe.

Is always good to have a white balance to your pics/vids so that the clarity of all end results would come out better.

And some other modes of shooting/filming.
In this case, cosmetic mode: auto correction & zapping away of blemishes & pores on the face.
Everyone wants to look good on camera isn't it?

Yada yada showed us how to download and edit the videos which we will b caught on camera later, Nervous can!

Although I'm not allowed to publish the finished video as of now, I can show u dblchinis some of the screen shots that I've practiced at work during Lunch hour & when boss is not around! HAHA!

99 reasons to what???


Y m I gesturing 'one' with my fat fingers?
is it... 99 + 1 = 100???
or 99-1? or 99 x 1? or 99/1 ?
99 x 1 /1 +1 -1???

U gotta catch my VIDEO edited with blood, sweat, tears, headache & 3489275p324098 amounts of effort which will be uploaded on Aqualabel's Fanpage here:

Don't forget to ' LIKE' Aqualabel's Facebook page
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Here I'm holding my favourite product from AQ!
Aqualabel White Protect Milk UV
SPF30++ can!

Ok Now I'm ready!
Camwhore is world's Best slang.

Well... After the shoot lets sneak peek into some editing!

I'm like tempted to use all the Transitions so I can named my video "ROJAK"
...But I didn't...*sad face*

The Introduction is EPIC I tell you, after my frds viewed my editing they begged me starred as their female lead in their new half past six movie called:

'The Disastrous'

Ok even Aqualabel marketing staff Yanny lol-ed while filming,
I saw her cover her mouth trying to conceal her laughter when I was throwing 'something' away.
Whatever 'something' that I've mentioned, U just gotta watch the VIDEO!
And gimme 10 thousand 'LIKES' !!! Wheeee~

Good Luck Dblchin~!



citrella said...

dblchin, congrats :) Looking fwd to see your video and vote for you. Hugs. JiayouJiayouJiayou. Love you.

Timelessmomentz said... dblchin chin is sick...*saw on ur twitter...* get well soon and jiayou!! i'm looking forward to watch and vote for ur video!!!

Exuvalia said...

Congratulations! (:
Looking forward to watching your video.

RicAdeMus said...

Wow, it's wonderful you made it to the 3rd round. If you admit your finger is slender, I'll vote for your vid!!! LOL, jk, I'll like it no matter what.

I see above that you're sick, I hope it passes quickly. You have to be well to accept your victory in round 3. =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm sorry to crash here cause I can't seem to find yr cbox (: Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog and yr compliment.

P/S: Congratulations and get well soon c:

hevn said...

Whee, congrats! Do post up your video soon too and I'll be sure to vote for you :D

WenYi said...

take care dblchin! and good luck in the contest :) will vote for u once the video is up :)

Flavia said...

Your blog is really interesting. Follow you.

小心 said...

will definitely support you when your video is up!! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! I am a huge fan of Aqualabel.. so much so im using a lot of their products lol

Chantana said...

Congrats... can't wait to see your video!! 99???? (What!?!?!?! lolx)

Madeline Weber said...

ahh good luck with your competition!

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, im following you now! follow me back if you like my blog


hkittygirl said...

Thank you so much for the follow!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Congratulations you made it to the third round! Hope you continue further :)