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Hiya dblchinis!

I bet Some of you have enjoyed last week's workshop with

Mr Robin Niu a.k.a 牛爾

And to last week's contest winners who have attended this exclusive session, I hope u had an awesome time, being upclosed and personal with lao shi!

Well... of course a BIG Thank you to KOSE and Debbie for the invitation to b the guest speakers for the night.

Eh em! dblchin & Chantana to be on stage as guest speakers.
Chan thanks for the photo!

I'm sure u dblchinis picked up a whole lot of skincare/makeup tips from Niu Er Lao shi!

Lets have a recap on some of his awesome tips on skin care!

Tips for Inner health and beauty
-Soak 3 pcs of Japanese Ginseng & a handful of goji berry/Wolfberry in warm water, use it as a thirst quencher and refilling it as and when it is needed with clean clear water (warm preferably)
-Wolfberry improves health condition by excreting your toxin level & r specially good for the eyes. As for Ginseng, it boost the 'qi' your body, gaining a stronger healthier physical self.

Tips for Thorough Makeup removal/ deep cleansing process
- After cleansing (includes removal of makeup & facial wash or just by using ur cleansing lotion), Rub Cleansing oil on face, cling wrap the skin surface and leave it for 10 mins. This is to let the removal process penetrate deeper into the skin thus helping to remove sebum easier. After that cleanse with clean water.
However, If your skin is majorly congested, U definitely can leave the cleansing oil With cling wrap overnight for maximum effect. Of course, remember to wash it off the next day.
-Clear excess sebum thus minimizing the congestion on your face.


please do not wrapped like this ah siao.

And now...

Do you dblchinis have cool beauty tips to share?

questions about the above tips?

any experience with skincare regime (What I'm meant is regime not brand of skincare) that works terribly in the past but u've rectified to make ur skin better?

U can just comment below and share your tips in anyway u want.

Because the best 3 winners get to win a $100 Voucher from KOSE each.


Closing Date 31 August 2010, 12pm Singapore time

Please do note that this contest is open for only Residents in Singapore, international dblchinis I'm sorry but I hope to get a chance to organize worldwide giveaway soon!

do not remain anonymous (post a link or an email to identify yourself), it will b difficult for me to contact you if you are the winner.

And last but not least, this is not compulsory but I would definitely appreciate if you can follow my blog.

chan is holding this contest as well! U can hop over to double ur chances of winning~!

(I'll definitely post more stuff on the event on a separate post, so do not worry in missing out niu er's hensem face)

So long & good luck dblchinis!


*I'm not paid for this, Contest is organize based on the event itself. Vouchers are fully sponsored by Kose.
*All images are from google search.


Lishan said...

Use tea leaf to wash face can cure pimples .

email :


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I regularly used clay and sulfur-based facial masks in the past because I thought it would rectify my oily skin. Turns out it was drying it my skin out more and fine lines started to appear on my forehead. I stopped using the masks and started using Vitacreme B12 which is really hydrating. The best thing about Vitacreme is it is hydrating yet non-greasy.

Pop Champagne said...

oh too bad I can't enter! well once per week I use a clay mask for my face to absorb excess oil. good luck with the contest!

xoxo angel said...

Hello! I have always find this method very useful to my skin! It really hydrates for me! What i do is that i will use cotton wool i will soak it with my lotion or essence(no need soak the whole of cotton wool, just the centre will do), peel half the cotton wool away (which makes it 2 pieces) and apply it to my drying skin -- below my eye area, cheeks or nose! but one thing to note is that not to put too long! a 2-3 minute will suffice if not the hydration process will reverse and makes it drier instead! After which continue with your skincare regime! Viola! Supple skin !

xoxo angel said...

i forgot my email!!

citrella said...

My Beauty Tip: For dry / scaly hands and feet, I apply rich moisturiser and give a light massage to rub the contents into the skin after a warm bathe and then, put on hand gloves and socks while I sleep. I wake up to smoother and repaired skin the next morning. I always do this when I'm on the plane for overnight flights.

citrella said...

(deleted the previous coz of typo)

Another Beauty Tip: We normally take care of our face and neglect the neck area. After masking, spread the remaining essence from the pack and spread it all over your neck area. If there are excess, you can spread it over your arms and legs too.

And after you remove your sheet mask, do not throw it right away, while you are lying down on your bed and tapping the essence into your face, lay the face mask on your neck area for 1-2 minutes. This allows the area around your neck to have a few moments of pampering as well.

Kelvin said...

Nu er is 40++ but he looks like 20 something. Its amazing.

TriciaBabyTard said...

Extra virgin olive oil FTW! Multi-benefits. Moisturiser, hair treatment or exfoliator when mixed with either salt or sugar.


Holly said...

This is not an entry since I live in the U.S., but I wanted to share my skincare tips just for fun. :-)

-Wash your face with a gentle scrub.
-After getting out of the shower, clean your face with a mild astringent to remove any remaining dirt or makeup.
-Moisturize with a hempseed oil facial lotion. That's what I use, and it makes my face SO soft without breaking me out.

Clara Au . said...

Sleep early , Exercise , drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated , Apply SPF 15/30 Sunblock to prevent unwanted harmful UV rays from outside , eat more veggies and fruit which benefits our skins , be cheerful and lively ! And lastly but no least , facial ! :D . :D

Timelessmomentz said...

Hmmm... i dunno if this is counted as a skincare tip but.. alot of woman like to spray or apply perfume on their neck area. However, the skin area the neck area is as delicate as our eye area and the alcohol from the perfume will cause pre mature aging... so avoid applying perfume on your neck area...

the best places to spray your perfume are:
Lower inner arm
Lower inner thigh (behind knee area)
and even on the hair (spray on brush, allow alcohol to evaporate then comb it through ur hair)


Anonymous said...

wow TOP post!

Jiaqiwoo said...

eyes/ nails: leave cotton pad that is filled with makeup remover/ nail remover on the eye/ nail bed area for a few seconds before gently taking off.
works well even if the mascara/ nail polish is stubborn! ;)

face: try to exfoliate once to twice a week because it'll be bad if the black and whiteheads start forming! :)

hair: do NOT wash the hair everyday.
because shampoos are a form of chemical as well!
they strip off your hair's natural oil making it weaker and it'll break off easier when combing.


Anonymous said...

foot: For me, I use pure olive cooking oil and appy to my sole of my feet and wrap around with PE film and wear socks for half an hour everyday for smooth sole.

hair: I use comb made from cow horn for good blood circulation, not only my hair stop drpping alot it also improve sinus, headache and many other health problem.

Name: Karin Yong

Anonymous said...

#1: If you powder your lashes with face powder and then add a coat of mascara, it makes your eyelashes look longer and thicker.

#2: To make lips fuller, apply a mixture of Cinnamon and olive oil to them
The cinnamon slightly irritates your lips and causes them to get fuller

#3: rub garlic into your nails each night, its proven to make them grow fast

#4: to make eyelashes grow longer, use a clean mascara wand to put vaseline onto eyelashes at night.

#5: if you put eyeliner on before you get into the shower and don’t try to take it off when you get out it’ll look like you have smokey eyes

#6: Vaseline is a great, cheap eye makeup remover. It's also great for fixing chapped, scaly lips. Slather on a bunch of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage lips. Wipe the excess off on a tissue. Your lips will be smooth and soft.

#7: Soak a piece of bread in milk and place it on the pimple and lie down. Leave it there for up to 30 minutes and then rinse.

#8: Lie on your back and hang your head over the side of the bed for 5 to 10 minutes. It will feed oxygen to your face, and improve your color and tone.

#9: Mix 2 drops of lavender oil with baking soda and water until it becomes a paste. Put on face and leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse followed by moisturizer. This light, exfoliating mask makes skin more receptive to moisture.

Hope this helps =)

Name: Xu Xiushan

Anonymous said...

1. Prime eyelid region with loose powder before mascara to prevent mascara from smearing onto your lids. Just dust off after mascara.

2. Soak cotton pads with milk and leave on for 15mins for whiter skin, just wash off with water.

3. Try grinding aspirin tablets with some aloe vera gel and apply as mask for 10mins before scrubbing off for clearing skin.

4. To clear off too thick foundation / loose powder, spray on Avene mist / toner and gently tissue off for a natural look.

Jamie / @P_jamie


Wong said...

For dry skin or always in air con room, apply baby oil on whole body to moisturise your skin.

Try it! ;D

Name: Elsie

Timelessmomentz said...

IMO, Own more than one type (Oil control and moisturizing) of facial wash and use them hand in hand as the crazy weather and some of your fav skincare product may cause oily-ness or dryness.

It's important to jiggle the type of skincare products as the constant use of a certain range may cause break outs or dryness and then u blame it for being no good.

Natalie Eunice Tan said...

Applying body scrub for whole body while having suana for 10min.
Then after shower, apply moisturizing lotion to lock the moisture in. Feels awesome! Skin has never been so supple.

Try it!

Natalie Eunice Tan

Danielle Tan said...

Cucumbers in fridge and applying on eyes to cool eyes! Cheap and good facemask!

Danielle Tan

Danielle Tan said...

You are what you eat, thus we must eat more antioxidants food like berries, greens and nuts and raw fats!
And avoiding foods that make your skin break out helps a lot, this means avoiding sugar, and processed junk foods. Throw the alcohol away, deep fried food and quit smoking and drop wheat. Drink more water and get plenty of beauty sleep!

Kinna said...

To allow your skin to breathe, you can cut the full coverage foundation - use it instead as concealer on pimple blemishes, dark eye circles, and just use moisturiser plus sunblock on the entire face. You can dust on some loose powder to even your complexion/reduce the appearance of pores if necessary.

Kinna said...

More tips to share!

1. Combine equal parts lemon juice and orange juice, apply it on your face as a good oil control mask!

2. Lose those Under-Bags: Place ice cube in thin wash cloth. Dip cloth in milk. Dab on puffy under eye area. Dip your finger in cool water and tap under eye to rinse.

3. For hair conditioners, make sure that you do not apply them anywhere close to the scalp so as not to clog the scalp pores and end up with hair loss instead! By the way, know of a way to tame frizzy/flyaway hair when you don't have hair cream on hand? Use your body moisturisers and lotions on your hair instead!

4. Use toothpaste on a zit
just a dab of toothpaste, leave on 15 minutes to absorb the oil, then wash it off.

(I love Kose products! Bought a brunch during my trip to Japan a few years ago from the Sekkisei range but have finished them up... ^^;; Hope to win the vouchers!)

Sharon said...

Here is my little beauty tip to share:

Turn your old mascara into an eyelash/brow brush.

Here is a simple guide with pictures to show the steps:

Use this cleansed mascara wand as an eyelash brush/separator. After application of mascara, just comb through your lashes while they are still wet, to prevent eyelashes from clumping together.

Alternatively, you can use it as a brow brush to groom your eyebrows as well. A quick sweep through your eye brows will brush out unruly brows.

Recycle your old mascara into an eyelash/brow brush instead of throwing them into the bins.

My details:
Name: Sharon

Hopefully I can be one of the 3 lucky winners ('',)

dblchin (double chin) said...

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks for participating!

Ashlene (a-beauty-affair) said...

darnit too late >.<

-JayLeo™- said...

was that Khalil fong?

-JayLeo™- said...

no new post? =\