Overview of OMY blog awards 新加坡部落格大奖 2010

Hihi dblchinis!!!

I love awards, especially if is for me!
But is not....
Better luck next year!

lol! but still I'm gonna share the good stuff happening at the blog awardsssss like now!

This is indeed a awesome blogging event organized by omy.sg
On of the most sought for event yearly, everyone wants to get a piece of good stuff!

So here and there and everywhere, lets check out the pictures:

We have performance by Silver Ang! SILVER! SILVER! SILVER!
Y r all pretty girls straight? Argh...

And new bloggers that I met:

Ying Zi (new), Gin , Aston (very new) , June (not new at all) , dblchin(whatever...) and ??? (I shall mark her as anonymous until she gives me the green light)

See the awesome faces, they look totally gorgeous in light colours!
I give it a 3 outta 4 stars, coz gin never show her star. Blardi hell, show on her own blog only.

Ladies having fun infront of the camera.

Ying Zi is sucha sweetheart, her dress is roman inspired and it matches so fine with that red lips! And in time to come? Purrfect and uniform teeth!

an Awesome shot with Quiting too!
She said she look like a giant next to me, wah lan pls la u need to eat more can!
Hope u get nominated next year!!!! HUAT AR!

What is this?
The fucking RED CARPET!
*beams proudly*



LexiTokyo said...

Gorgeous girls and you're very pretty. (:

Coco Tai said...

aw you looked so pretty (as always) [: btw, how tall are you? never noticed you were so tiny! [:


Kelvin said...

U are prettier than yao yao^^

The Bimbo said...

You looked great that day! :)

Blair said...

I adore your pictures in this post - you are utterly gorgeous =D

Pop Champagne said...

you guys look great on the red carpet! and so cool you met other bloggers too

Anonymous said...

-gorgeous pictures, great blog!
havea great day! (:

Ken said...

pretty =D

i didn't know these events existed~!

citrella said...

Wow got red carpet somemore!~ so cool.

You look great.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Hotty alert!
You look so pretty! I really love your contacts!!

Isley Chang~ said...

Wow. Gorgeous girls on the red carpet.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Don't you all have lovely hair and looks, must be fun to get together with fellow bloggers. Can I see Freebies too?!

projectvee said...

you look really pretty!
this looks like a lot of fun

Lenna said...

i love the way you did your hair!!!


dblchin (double chin) said...

Thank u guys fer the awesome comments! Yes I'm really tiny!