Skin79 event- Queen of BB creams

Hiya dblchinis~

When I got invited to exclusive 'Skin79 event' before they hit the stores,
Awesome much?
I was so happy I somersaulted all the way to work~
Can u imagine how happi I was?

This informal event was held at Essential Brew holland V.
I seriously dig that place but never know their private rooms are for function use!
So now I know...
& these are the pretty settings for our PARTIEEEE!

Do or die,
What is a camwhore blog without a picture of me?

Check out the beautiful settings of skin79 bb cream.
dblchin says is AWARD WINNING CAN?
I'll definitely elaborate more in the rest of the entry.

Inorder to live up its name on 'Queen of BB cream' Lorraine E brand manager bought this crown as a justification to skin79~
hmmm.. thumbs up.

Another Range under skin79. For matured skin type

All of us are totally in love the the bb talk, but before I start elaborating further lemme share with u ' What is a BB cream?'

BB cream A.K.A Blemish Balm cream, is a liquid-foundation-like substance that is equipped with sun protection + therapeutic properties + concealing of pores n blemishes CREAM.
It is a foundation, concealer, moisture all in one that leaves ur skin feeling smooth & flawless.
I guess overtime of using such product can/may improve you skin texture.

What I love about BB creams is that they provide such luminous coverage u don't need a concealer to do its job & bestest it has sunscreen protection! I always need sun protection for I get freckles sooner than my dog bark at strangers.

Ok lets get down to the event.

First off, we have Damian giving us a short introduction of skin79 story.

He is real happy about being the only guy, although he don't look close to being glad in this pix.
Nevertheless...this is the best shot of him I could get.

& Lorraine took over the center stage giving us a more detail back up of what Skin79 bb cream is all about.
She's a manic to Japanese fashion mag, so m I!!!!

We got to play around with the items & so we experiment on various bb cream fun~(not Blackberry cream huh) Lol~

The bbcream endorsed by JOLIN TSAI
Wah lau... y never ask dblchin to endorse??? y?y?y????

What's good of a pic without me in it?
told ya!

This is called the BB pact.
This pink version is soooooo cater for oily & combi skin~
Comes in a compact form for you to touch up anytime of the day!

The colours are awesome isn't it?
The one with gold compact comes with caviar & gold in its contents!!! Suitable for dry/combi skin types.

Lets not just take ONLY the products, We have beautiful people for me to post to eh.

These 2 sweethearts~
Tiffy & Min Sin
They are uber lovely can! Tiffy is sucha photographer, she helped me with most of the products shoot!
Hey... Who say I'm lazy...Go n eenie meenie miney mo la.

Chantana & joyce!
the usual terrorists for cosmetic counters.
I'm so happy to see chan I went to hold her hand... ya la whatever...

She's awesome la...Draw the nail art so nice one...

Well... U know me la, I never failed to camwhore in every situation~lol
C I told u liao,

Oh yes! not forgetting the awesome food
They served.

Baby potatoes

u may asked, eee... y only 2 springrolls?
Coz the rest got eaten up!HAHA! & r u blind? Got 1 more over at the plate, n that makes 3!

I didn't take any pics of the main dish BUT they really serve great food n tea there!

After I've satisfied Ur hunger,
lets move back to the products
Wah! check out the diamond range of BB CREAMS!
Is Pink like Xiaxue's favorite colour la
Some of the casing are soooooo reflection U can use them as a mirror to check whether any vegetable is stuck in ur teeth after meal!

Oh yes! N their amazing skincare, 3 serums for the price of 1!
Retailing less than $60 bucks can! what a steal~

Messing around with the crown.

Last but not least, for the event,
I've met a girl on par.
She is madness! as funny as me can!


For the 23957249th time, I'm gonna post my
Miss Camwhore City ©
shots for you at NO COST!

R u ready ???


Everyone got their customize tag.
Mine's says "Clara the formidable camwhore Queen"

Next we got 2 LIFE RETAIL size
BB creams can!!!
Hot pink Super plus Bb cream & VIP Gold super plus BB cream.
Waiting for a lifetime for free stuff.


Don't go yet!!!

what's that?

AWW... A travel SIZE Pink BB CREAM!!!

Comes with customized key charm!
(if u look closely at the pic, u can c a letter 'C' hanging round the Scolding(middle) finger)

debi say I use one time the whole tube finished liao. I think she mistook an me for a watermelon. Yea very funny deb.

The END.


It doesn't end here.

I tried out the BB cream couple of days later....

Clean face, after applying sunblock.

U can see some colour differences around my eye area
I'm gonna use skin79 bbcream to c If I can rectify that.

Pls Forgive the face!
I know without makeup i look DUH x 1000000000times.

I decided to try out

I always use a semi wet sponge as an applicator to apply my base.

After apply BB cream

Sheer looking yet I managed to conceal darker areas like eyebags n corners of my lip area.

So long dblchinis


*p/s Exciting news to share with everyone!!!
Cozycot is having a Pre-sale for members, check that out man~
(click for a larger image)


jaccyy said...

Oh!! I went to another launch on Saturday, Leong was asking me if I was going to this one!

I'd be mad excited if I were to see u I think. Ha! ;p

Stiffy was beside me at my launch!

citrella said...

wahh magic...

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara! It's me, Lisa from Starasia! You told me that I MUST visit your blog.. so I did! Great entry and thanks for making time to attend the dinner :) Hope you enjoy it!

Miya said...

which is better?? this or sk2 transform?

Chantana said...

I was pretty excited to see you too!!!!!

And I secretly wanna steal your hat off your head!

the guilty hyena said...

Seems like you had a great day at the event! :)

*~kAy~* said...

the bb cream looks good on you :)
I only own 1 bb cream but I'm liking it so far :)
Love your pictures! the more the better! haha :P

dblchin said...

@Lisa, yes thanks fer coming by!

@Miya, SK2 transform is a totally different from this i guess, SKII is more like skincare & this is a combi of makeup & skincare.

Gasai said...

O.M.Gee you're so lucky. The event looks like a lot of fun. I love the little crown, so cute.

I've tried bb cream before.. only one and i love it. It's the Gold Collection (the same one you tried above). It blends into my skin really well and it's so lightweight on the skin.

I dont think i'll try any other bb creams... anyways love the pics and your blog.

now following your blog *yaaay*... :)

MIQ said...

i seen them in Taiwan last yr too. noticed it cos its endorsed by jolin hehe..tried the tester it does seems not bad. but i dont tem seeing skincare. happy using!

Anonymous said...

hihi, where can i get skin79 bb creams in sg?

dblchin said...

@Anonymous Hi is launching soon in all drugstores near you. I think u can watchout for them end apr

Caolan said...

Skin79 Queen is~~~~~Hot Pink. A fantastic Skin79 party for BB Cream lovers like me.

BB Cream really is a magical product and must have products for all is MAGIC!!!