Nail fun~ OPI

Hiya dblchinis~

I've grown so much in love to the awesome suede colour OPI offers!

knnz... This is not an advert, so dun start suing me like u got nothing to do but play with ur balls.

For those of you who have no clue abt the meaning of suede in OPI, it means When u apply the polish on ur fingernails, it'll turn into suedish effect.

Oh yes~! Thanks Gwen for the awesome spree. she best.



I dunno how to/cannot explain the suedeness of this polish but U'll know when u get them on those nail beds.

But a word of caution, wear it neither with base coat nor top coat.
Either the polish will not dry or it'll turn out like normal polish
When u remove them, it will stain ur nails like no tomorrow.

Regardless... is still chio.

U should check out how pretty that is.

Hungry, Can I eat those nail-like brinjals?
Fungry ley....



gwen said...

pretttty! :D
oh they do stain nails tt badly? i've never tried these suede ones before :)

Ashley said...

I've never tried the suede kind before, but now I really want to! Love that color too!


Dolce♥Bunny said...

OOOOOooo... pretty!!
Not a big fan of purple but it is amazing!
SUits you well ^^

Rach said...

my fav colour is purple!

Modern Greetings said...

The color is cute-a color most loved by my friends.

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The model looks like my friend.

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She loves herself. She also loves to beautify so she will look beautiful.

Thank You Christmas cards said...

that is so nail fun activities.

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