Brazilian Waxing with BlackPeony

No peeps, this is definitely not an advert. This is a service so exclusive, I can't wait to share it with all of u.
Blackpeony, a home based service that provides waxing of all sorts.

At first, I'm skeptical...a home based waxing. Hmm... will the service b comparable to establish outlets like strip? Wax in the city? Will she have the best equipment cater for my delicate area?

Will I have horror nights like the previous round @ rupini's? Read here

Woah... I tell u, u r not gonna believe this.

BlackP's service way personal than any of the above mentioned.

U came in like the weeds without the trims


Blackpeony, Missy Ezen

mow the lawn

Leaving u bare like baby skin.

The Seemingly norm looking HDB unit makes u feel way better than any other salon when u step into her service room:

Her comfort zone (pun intended) will b urs in no time.

The setup is meticulous, clean & at ease.
No extravagant lightings, lavished benches nor posh pillows but yet I'm very much indulged in her homey service.

She explains to me about improvising her wax, getting from better source to cater pain factor to the less tolerant.

Like a perfectionist, she extracted every lil stray ends so I can leave the place with smooth sailing skin, Not even ants can park there anymore. Erm... I dun mean ants can harbor at that spot previously but... u get what I mean right?

Ezen Turns even on e tv so that any nerve wrecking customer will feel lesser tension when the
tug-of-wax-war is on.

Well... the only displeasure at the moment is... the distance... FKing far can?!
Her place is like located at the end of the world. Pioneer Road btw... But then again, She is so awesome I will definitely go back to her again.


My services includes :

- Brazilian waxing using hard wax
-Ampoule with Bio light cold massager
-Cooling like dunno what, seriously...

Sorry I'm not gonna show u pictures of my pussy, Maybe u can Google some porn websites or & search topics like 'bare pussy' or 'pussy with no hair'...etc.
Every woman is somewhat like theirs, so is mine.

Oh yes & she came up with interesting names like :
'Full Bush Deforestation'
I suppose these are for ladies that haven't wax since stone age! HAHA!

Oh yes. U should check out this thread where girls raved abt her services to justify the fact that I m not BULLSHITTING.

Last but not least, u can contact her here:

Ezen Goh +65 9431 4941

or visit her web:

With Audrey Hepburn Watching over ur pussycat, what could possibly go wrong?Photobucket


Kelvin said...

Wax? Can guys go too?

dblchin said...

sure y not, ask ur gf to go & bring u along

Rachel said...

I am going to book her once my package with HONEYPOT ends!

Shilka said...

haha your writing style very good :D Khehehe

But OMG why is this located at like.. the end of Singapore *facepalm*

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Soh Hong Wei said...

Pioneer Road is near me! Hmm.. hmm.....

dblchin said...

@Claudia, thank you so much for coming by n leaving such sweet comments!

wendiyesorno said...

you can also try they are pretty good to.

HyunChard said...

in that case try the brazilian waxing. I find it cool.