Ris Low competing for Ms World pageant (not)

After few series of Ris Low Saga, I have to say I'm becoming a fan of hers already. She has created a thumbs-down nationwide phenomenon in just mere weeks, how great is that?!

but Shouldn't we all b proud of her??? her Boomz personality?

Black eyes peas should truly b thankful to Ris. Their fame together with Ris have risen to another level. Their 'Boom boom pow' has virtually become the background music of almost every Ris' video. N This lady has created a whole new language for Singapore, a goddamned history in the making!!!

Y the hell did they stripped her crown or rather forced her to give up the title? She is such a true talent! I m sure a lot of exciting anticipations if she gets to the finals...

let say, maybe she got into the final 10,

& of course, she has gotta face a whole lot of Q & A from the grueling judges,

judge: Hi Ris, how would u your personality go forward making this world a better place?

Ris: Hello everywand, I'm Piss Low from Singapore. Oh... I would Boomz the streets rad in colure n make all peepole wear zipBra preents and LeBurp preents, not cheatar preents or Dieger stripe huh ok.
Sometime, people should just wear beekini then walk down the screets so can attract more teariest to our Cunt-ry.
I am very famaine, Oops, I mean femining. Actcheerly, my personality also very unique. The doctor say I have this thing called the 'Peepolar disorgan' & it really makes me excreamly high sometimes. Then I will make sure I make good use of the creditss cardss to buys a lot of things for myshelf, this will Deafurnely make the ecoromy badder. Sometimes The Disorgan also makes me feel very sads, at this point I will teach other bad people lessons n steal their credits cards to buy peasants for myself. They are really bad people, becock they never take back their credits cards after making payment. Mmmm...Owerall I think I am the episstomie of Grace and Beauty & I thank my Sponsorers for that.

Wow! With that mind-blowing speech, I have to say she is definitely able to secure her position to the top 3 slots. effortless measures...

OF course, another round of tough qns awaits when she ascend to the final 3:

Judge: What do u see in yourself upon winning 'Miss Singapore World' ?

Ris: huh? (looks blankly @ the host)

After few secs of pregnant pause.

Ris: Sory judge, just now the affect of my disorgan kicked in & I felt a sudden Urge to steal the stage mic. I'm now better, erm...so whats your queshion again?

Ok. Her fame in Ms world ended just right here.

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Erny said...

Cool piece of blog here.
I have been reading about her too...:-)