superly random.

Finally, I've managed to ditch my long term r's side labret. It wasn't at all tough but it wasn't as easy either. I've long gotten used of steering that metal piece with my tongue, & to give it up I guess i can only twirl cherry stalks for now.

NOW, I've gotten an impression of the hole from the outside.

(fark I'm having prob w my uploading)
**ps 30 jun, Problem solved!

y did I decide to give up something I once loved so preciously?

Well...10 good reasons for me to say bye bye ah bret:

1)Is receding on my gums, blardi hell.

2)It looks like a silver mole or some leftovers that had stuck on me.
Yah, go ahead blame it on my puny face.

3)many times strings & threads just loved gathering around that rod, having their informal meeting.

4)I look ugly in pictures, people always thought I had some abnormal growth of sumthing.

5)my mum thinks I still play punk. So untrue.

6)my teeth clattered with tension whenever I accidently bit on the metal plate while talking.

7)obstructing me when I do my facial wash.

8)my bf says is ugly.

9)my bf hates kissing that 'thing'

10)Last but no least, I'm achieving to b a real bimbotic FHM gal.

This is one darn boring random posting isn't it?
BUT. who cares?

I've gotten rashes on my wrist eons ago & the photos uploader are not WORKING!!!
Argh... angry...
**ps working right now, Whooo!