Telltale on the Narrator

Baby complains that my blog is wearingly dull, those minimal write-ups bores him to death. Thus, in order to usher in more readers, he decides to create a immaculate story for me to compose.

Instead of hearing the whole apologue from me which is rather redundant. I shall cease the trouble of being the middle-man n show u the 'real deal'.

so just Read,Imagine & Fantasize...

drained~ says: your blog nothing much one

clararararararaa~ says: What nothing much

drained~ says:no much write up one

drained~ says:write like hollywood movie lar

clararararararaa~ says:nowadays i lazy to write

drained~ says:say we fight and then i kena jail

drained~ says:then u got broken nose

clararararararaa~ says:quite interesting

clararararararaa~ says:u go draft

Ah Chong says:and then richie run off

Ah Chong says:with a female dog and nv seen again

Ah Chong says:rumors has it that he ran off to bintan with the bitch and have babies

Ah Chong says:and everybody lives happily ever after

clararararararaa~ says:thats great

clararararararaa~ says:we shall post that on my blog

clararararararaa~ says:probably that will increase the traffic flow

clararararararaa~ says:u hav anything to add in our imaginary story

Ah Chong says:erm....and chong chee got another woman

Ah Chong says:a blondie 36F cup

clararararararaa~ says: shit

Ah Chong says:and she uses her breast to fight with clara

clararararararaa~ says:fark i sure lose one

Ah Chong says:and we all know who's the winner in the end....

Ah Chong says:and the blondie use her breast to slap ur silly head

clararararararaa~ says:my head very silly meh

clararararararaa~ says:y not slap ur stupid dick

Ah Chong says:but u kept laughing

Ah Chong says:and laugh

Ah Chong says:laugh till ur denture drop off

Ah Chong says:but u didn't care!

Ah Chong says:u just carry on and touch up ur face with powder

Ah Chong says:and put fake eye lashes

clararararararaa~ says: wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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