I m soooooo crazy about this guy Ken'ichi Matsuyama, He's L Ryuzaki from Death note(flim).

So handsome right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
L Death note movie
Ken'ichi Matsuyama

I know is so passe to rave about it now but i hav recently caught him on TV only. So U cannot blame us poverty-stricken civilians not forking $ to pay for movie tickets, anyways is out on TV in less than a yr's time. So i got to catch it "Free-Of-Charge"

He's is like so young(1985) n talented lo, striking his way to fame by casting the role as 'L' in Death note movie. His idiosyncrasy & peculiar behavior such as using max 3 fingers to hold on to almost everything (teacups,handphone etc...) gains favors to not only viewers but causes huge rhapsody in the cosplay sphere, everybody wants to like him, be him. The originally Death note was derived from the Japaneses manga series which later part is brought on to the movie screen, The rest... u know la, is history.

quirky phone-holding style

Cosplayers dressing as L(left) & misa misa (right) in death note series
Cosplaying L
Lets us catch a glimpse of him in deathnote fan-made movie as well as his interview regarding on e movie making. Kudos, applause!

Source: Deviant Art, you tube

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