Bintan fever

Everyone's heading out to Bintan for a short hiatus, so did we! Honey bits, his lovely colleagues (Lester & Jo) & moi had planned for a getaway from the bustling urban city. *Us* got rather excited & was so looking forward to this day.

Finally our longgggg awaited chance came, we were suppose to set off at ZJ's hse.

Zj-the-fool told our partners to use carry on bags & also urge Lester to wear sneakers/tracks but he himself turns up with a mini wheeled on luggage *bangs head* & in flip flops *bangs head again* leaving our astounding friends almost screaming their heads off. However, Lester manages to change into a pair of flops as he had parked his vehicle outside the premises. Well, jo's the clever one, she figured out that flops r made for beaches. So there she is, wearing the right outfit (but the carry on baggage remains heavily on their shoulders. ..blame zj)

Down to the terminal in a cab. Alight. wait. check-in-vessel. wait. collected tiks. wait. homemade-breakfast with cold cheese wait. wait. wait.... Ah, at last...we get to board the vessel for a good whole 60 mins of waiting. As the ship sets sail, we had a lil camwhoring session.

baby overriding seasick-ing
On shore.
First n foremost, excessively snaping pics again.

Jo & me standing in front of this giant poster

Check out on me, happi as a birdy
Tummy probing session, posing infront of the stature eagle
I took a snap of the bus no. as we r abt to board.
U think I'm damned bo liao right?! If strike 4d I sure laugh at u!
As we arrive at the 'Nirwana' hotel lobby we were greeted with welcoming performances by the locals working there.
The designated check-in is suppose to be after 2pm, but since we are early (like 10 am!) so we might as well try our luck over the counter. Voila! indeed it pays to be kind!!! Our rms r ready!

So we headed down to our room to dump our fat packs, grab bite at the local bistro.


I dunno y i post this pic of mine, i'm like a moron looking at another bigger moron.
Head back & plan our itinerary for the day.

Making decisions, all actives are freaking expensive. How to play like tat?!
So when we've decided, we all change into swimming outfits n head down to the beach for banana boat ride.

Pls pardon my face, I hope it doesn't disturb ur slp at night.

At the beach.
We were each given a life vest for the Boat ride. I complain that is too BIG when i put it on. Thus ,the nice lady over the counter pass me a KID's life vest. It fits perfectly on me, I guess given my size I m destined to wear baby's clothing for life.haha.
Too bad we couldn't capture pics of our boat riding, we guess that it will incurred extra cost . The boat ride is already SGD$12 /person lorh. Wah lau ey, u can eat almost 4 bowls(maybe 5) of ba chor mee!

However, we manage to take some shots pretending to sit the boat on shore. We were happily snapping away until their men came n usher us away. mood drenching right!

Collecting towels, I loved freebies .
U think really free ar?!
When we r done with these towels must return one hor, if not kena FINE!
Me acting like a flasher.
Yes, only my life vest is in kiddy pink, Everyone elses is blue.
Me n Jo, posing on a banana boat for 6.
Had a lil fun at sea after the ride.
I'm drowning help!!!!!!!!!
Check out jo's backdrop, the view's really nice
Lester's running towards the cam. I think i better censor his body, if not he sure scold me.
So have fun viewing his mugshot.
As we head back to the hotel, we went for a dip in the pool... I tell ya, the pool is the best thing we came for.They had jacuzzi, pool bar & a whole lot of water. We spent hours & hours just lingering at the edge of the jacuzzi pool. That place is flooded with singaporeans & Ang mo's but not too overwhelming like Sentosa, we still manage to get benches for 4.

Lester posing at the water polo area.
Dunno where to get the ball so didn't manage to play & the depth of the pool is 1.5m.
Y the hell did they build such deep pools around? Especially for short ppl who can't swim like me??? The water is nearly over my head, I almost drown when I wandered there!
Jo' cheesing for the camera where the jacuzzi is.
The sheltered area behind her is the pool bar, u can drink while dipping in water, How shiok is that!

After we r done w the pool , we took a cab to 'pasar oleh oleh' a local neighbouhood made for tourist attraction. That place is like dead town, no ppl one. Somemore Prices there are rising high in sg currency!!!

We only manage to afford body massage & some snacks. grab dinner. head back to hotel. played games. retire for the night.

Grand furnishing of the Hotel
Human size chess
Hiyoh! how come my mouth like that?Now u know y,haha.
The next day, we went dipping in the pool again. We loved it so much, we soak until our finger turnout like raisins. Before we part the hotel, we took an ensemble of snaps.

I dunno what he's doing but it sure looks foolish.
Hands up
Hands up with idiotic smirk
String of funny puppets
The luantics
one's pointing at my hips, the other is pointing at...
Last but not least, lester's comedic closing pose.

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