Great Gathering at Nabins Sultan Road

Is been 2000 years since I posted something, sorry for that. Is just that I've been feeling pretty uninspired to do anything or maybe I'm just too busy.
A short update on what I've been up to; flew off to bangkok over the weekend for a shopping trip and managed a haul of 60 over pieces of clothing over a span of few days not including bags, shoes, accessories etc, for every item my budget stays within 250 baht ( approx SGD 10) guess this is why I managed to buy so many items for this trip.
Total shopping expenditure around 1.2K(SGD)

Now for my back dated post, here's an #ootd on a random friday where we held gathering
for our (Ex) Cosmoprof Classmates and tutor for dinner at Nabins.
With my oustanding hair colour, I decided to tone down my dressing to a minimal black white except for that tinge of red spotted on my neck waist and wrist. 
 photo DSC00015.jpg
The trick to looking young is to dress young lol!
I'm sure if you have liked my page here, you've probably seen me posting pictures of that kitty top a couple of times.
This top is bought from my favourite shop in Serangoon Nex

The food at Nabins is awesome and portions are huge!
To be honest I'm really a bad foodie, took only 1 photo of the platter and forgot to take pictures of the rest of my food lol.
 photo DSC00029.jpg
Platters is good for big groups, everyone gets to try a bit of everything

Even though less than 1/2 the class turned up for this gathering we still had our share of fun!
Check out the selfies!
 photo DSC00020.jpg
 photo DSC00021.jpg
Crazy selfies not for the faint hearted

 photo DSC00022.jpg
Tutor Frances arrives with an epic gesture

 photo DSC00030.jpg
Frances gets kisses from one of her favourites. 

 photo DSC00032.jpg
Belly dancer strutting her performance swaying those hips to and fro.

Last but not least a scrap book on one of our classmates Anna put together for the tutor. 
 photo DSC00036.jpg
Scrap book made with love

Just FYI, I passed my makeup exams pretty much with flying colours!
 photo Photo3-10-1311739PM.jpg
Achievement unlocked, I now can call myself as a Professional Makeup Artist ;)


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