[Event Coverage + Review] Bio-essence V-Shape Facelift challenge

Hi Dblchinis!
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I'm always trying to look for ways to combat my dblchin hoping I can reduce the size of that bulging area around my face. Thanks to Bio-essence invitation, I attended the latest 100 Facelift challenge where they had 100 participants(obviously) all over Singapore competing with each other to achieve smaller, bigger difference face shape!

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Choices from Bio-essences are endless, this time round they presented their newest range with Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly +ATP. 
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Newest Range from Bio-essence Deep Nourishing Range

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Bio-essence exclusive 24K gold serum, targeting more defined contour faceshape

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with Elfaine at the event site.

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Posing for an outfit of the day

I have with me here my fellow blogger friend, Jac! Is been a long long time since I saw her, great catching up for that brief moment. Oh I forgot, we had late lunch together and had a handful of exchanged gossips thereafter.

Pic credited to Jac, apparently I do not have any precious photo of us together in my phone :(

Event was held at Sengkang Compasspoint atrium with engagement of more than 200 people, you can see 2-3 participant is allocated to a therapist receiving treatment with Bio-essence products.
What a luxury competition, they were here indulge, enjoy and compete.  photo IMG_2272.jpg
人三人海,a sea of people

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Live demo on a few everyday people to prove the effectiveness of Bio-essence V-shape face challenge. 

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Documenting for TV appearance.

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one of the participants laid her head back to enjoy the pampering moment. 

Incase you haven't notice, this is the measuring tool to gauge the V-ness of the face. The narrower the V result shows, the slimmer the face. Mine is approx at 60degrees while Jac's at 70 degrees.
You can see that I kinda short-changed the measurements a degree or two by squashing my chubby cheeks together #cheat. 
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So we have a few emerging winners and everyone goes home with something!
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Presenting award to the one with the biggest difference. Lucky ladies, may you chin be forever slim.

Having said that, I brought home a few key products from Bio-essence V-shaped Series.
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Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel pumps out jelly consistency in a semi opaque colour. 

I like how Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel manages to removes the dirt yet retaining the smooth and soft aftermath on my skin. On the contrary, I'm almost disgusted by the how dirty the little pieces of residue are show up upon removal, these bits slowly forms up by rubbing the dry skin surface in circular motion.
The key to skin regeneration is to exfoliate frequently, this case Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel is so gentle I'm using it daily to maintain my skin lustre.
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Exfoliate frequently to get rid of dead skin, this way skin will always look radiant and less harboured with bacteria. 

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Do not skip essence if you are looking to retain your youth, I'm using Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence for daily maintenance.

Your initial reaction like most people will probably be like 'omg why so oily?!' Well, thats the first false impression that you'll be getting because before you know it the essence will quickly seep into the skin leaving it smooth and filled with hydration.
Did I mention that the range I've received is infused with Royal jelly that not only smells great but beneficial to the skin? The amazing effects of anti-aging is almost significant with Bio-essence, leaving the skin another level younger and wrinkle-free. 
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Don't be deceived by the oily appearance because this product gets absorb faster than you can ever imagine.

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The No. 1 favourite cream among the masses, Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream.

I'm not sure if the term 'cream' fits this bottle of royal goodness because doesn't work thickly at all. Even thought it looks very creamy-like, the texture is actually soft and delicate. It melts upon application leaving a velvety feeling to the skin.
This is the key product to achieving V-shape face leaving the face structured and contoured, what's enticing is the scent of this jar, accompanied with Royal Jelly it makes a whole lot of difference.
Well of course, not to mention that the results deemed significant for reducing that puffy face of mine.
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Frictionless application with Face Lifting Cream without the need to feel too greasy.

Hope you like my Review!


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