Reflections of 2012

I was contemplating the entire day whether or not to start a post on this, even when I was in the shower  30 minutes  a few mins ago I wondered why m even I phrasing those thoughts in mind, I might as well concentrate on lathering soap than to Penn down thoughs that wasn't excellently smooth sailing this year.
However, I thought this is probably the most important year of my life too, something that needs to in the book of history, something to look back and laughed upon .

It started in April, with a memorable wedding affair that serves 300 over guests, full attendance and ZERO No shows. I'm beaming with pride that I actually have friends who puts in effort to attend my big dinner date! Everyone was holding their glasses high up in the air, baring their lungs out to echo a triple 'yam seng' just for us.

We had an unforgettable gallery of photos we took from themes like,

Wonderland- when fairy meets her Man,
Gothic Shakespeare featuring pedo bear,
Fireman saving his beauty &
Underwater photos we had with our closest friend Proud.

Nothing was less than wonderful having my closest jie mei & xiong dis with me in my lovely wedding video.

Another great achievement is that we finally managed to officially move in to our well-furnished cozy nest where we spend most of the time waking around in undies, also my freedom to go bra-less in stench soak 3 days never wash jammies. But Yes I wash my undies everyday, I'm afraid of growing cauliflower down there. 

However, there was someone who is not very pleased to move in with us, Richie.

He developed separation anxiety the moment we leave him at home, he will bark in protest and make growling sounds like we are going to abandon him :(
So instead of migrating him over for good, he will spend most of his time at my Parent-in-laws (where he gets to play with another dog of in-laws) but crashes with us over the weekend.
Now he is getting more used to his life at our place and he rarely bark that often probably because we bring him with us most of the time to our workplace.
After the 2 account above, I had to jump straight to something that happened recently because my memory somehow sped so fast I only remembered the incident that overtook every minute detail of my life. I think probably some of you guessed what happened but I don't wish to speak of it because it hurts me greatly to even think about... It was the biggest resentment of my life. My eyes welling up with tears even as I type, the void I faced will probably make me stronger in time but for now I'm just laying cement over cracked walls, under the smooth surface still suffer that crack mark.
However, I'm pretty sure my 2012 will end with a loud bang, because of awesome friends and greater opportunities. I'm sure a hundred and one percent.
So I shall end 2012 here,
Astalavista Dblchinis cya 2013!


Hazel said...

Happy New Year!
It's a great start of 2013

JustJaslin said...

Always love reading your posts dear. Stay strong and have a great and fulfilling year ahead!!

Many kisses
♡ Jaslin from