Invisalign Refinements- Wide Smile FTW

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Hi Dblchinis!

Guess what? I can has smile like a Cheshire cat now!
Thank god for Orchard Scotts Dental, they managed to make my teeth look so straight & uniformed!
Is like something magical just descended from Heaven.

I've gone through 25 aligners Invsalign Treatment,
10 Refinements Aligners,
And now another last of the 10 refinement aligners & I'm practically done :)

Correcting the position of my teeth has gotten me to smile bigger and wider.
I NO LONGER hide my crooked teeth from anyone anymore.

This is No.6(of 10) actually, so 4 more to go baby!!!

This is how easy it is to wear the aligners!
Just fit them in like a mold, and everything's good!!!

See how invisible it is and straight my teeth are?
This is probably the best thing that happen to me yet, besides removing all my wisdom tooth (4 in total) I do not need to extract any extra tooth out

Making fun of my crooked teeth in the past?

think that my teeth are over crowding and almost impossible to correct?

See this!
A celebrity smile!


I cannot thank Orchard Scotts Dental enough,
I'll get down on my knees in a minute...

wait no more dblchinis, look for Orchard Scotts Dental now!

501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place #05-08
Singapore 238880
t. +65 6732 9939


Älícia TӦh ♥ said...

Pretty wide smile! So envy to you :P

Jen said...

Waaah, so generous *____* you, cheesie & xiaxue have such lovely smiles coz of them >< how long has it taken for you to finish?? Tempted to come to singapore to go to this place~!!!!

Konayachi-nyan said...

Pretty smilee!! My tooth are horrible also I wore brace but it's still horrible. Wish someday can go to Orchard scotts dental!! Really amazingg :)

hevn said...

You look absolutely amazing and damn, I'm envious. Lol!

Nath said...

that's a smile you wanna stick to their forehead for laughing at you previously :D

thatjapanesegirl said...

You are soooo pretty! Love the simple makeup too :D

Anonymous said...

What lashes r them?? :)

Teeth Straightening said...

Wow, you look great! I love my new smile courtesy of Invisalign. I was pleased with my progress going through Invisalign. With braces, you can’t really see improvement until you get them off. With Invisalign, you get to see improvement throughout the entire process.

dblchin (double chin) said...

Lahes from Liz Lisa!