Feel Energized with Faust's potion

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Check out the energy potion I have here!

Yes, is the nutritional food potion that supply vitamins, antioxidants & herbs that is made for nightowls.
Thus recovery pack potion contains both day (AWAKE) & night (ASLEEP) tubes designed to help cope with aftermath of big nights and dreadful hangovers.
This is also very suitable for jet laggers!

Excitedly holding onto this pair of magical tubes

there u have it, awake n asleep potion
25ml of goodness in each bottle

Taking in all the goodness at night and day.
Awake potion contains Green Tea to protect the liver, Gingko Biloba to improve mood, alertness and stimulate the brain.
Asleep potion contains honey that proves to eliminate alcohol frm the blood system and loads of antioxidants in this little thing.

Now I'm ready to fact the world n crush nonsenses assholes with my bare hands!


*Faust potion is available at Bellabox.sg


Melissa Tchieu said...

Definitely need one of these potions before wedding...lol.

with green flavour even, WOW!
Thanks for the recommendation babe!

sugar sugar said...

you look so cute! :)i haven't tried any energy drinks yet. hehe!