Celebrate Christmas with istudio iPad covers

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Hi dblchinissssss!!!!
X'mas season is nearing! yay!

Lets relive the good old X'mas spirit by getting your love ones aweeeesome pressies.

Hey! Look at me, Look at me!!!
I've here a super luxurious, splendid gift!

Loving this camel brown colour iPad2 cover by Kajsa-Preppie collection ($49.00)
I am holding on to this enveloped look-alike inspired ipad cover that is so suitable for everyday work life.
With the sturdy tie band looped these gigantic buttons together making everything simplistic and chic. Hey! Sounds a hundred and one percent like me!

This modish cover is nothing but a pure match to most of my work wear.
The brown throws in a hint of jazz to my black outfit.
Even though I'm already very hip, this ipad cover brings me to the level 2 of hipness.
yay, happy! *jump in small circles*

Life is majorly cool with the right outfit you paired
the right ensemble your gadgets wear!

I think I look super chio in this pic that's y I posted this unnecessary-just-plainly-self-indulge-with-the-iPad-cover photo.
Tell me, how to not look Sophisticated with this? how???

To use the iPad in a landscape mode just simply lift flap behind & tuck into the slot.

How the inside looks.
There are other ways you could explore with this case, flip it the other way and you will get a sturdy typing stand.

Well of course, if you are bold and fearless (like me again),
This range comes in another colour...

the epitome of power.
The daring contrast of colour on the buttons makes this cover, MAKES U, stand out among the crowds.

Time to undress and explore the inside,

Yea I'm flipping.

and flipping...

Hey there's an iPad inside! (duh...)
Whats awesome about this is that the build-in magnets allows automatic on & off function.
So with this, there is no need to press the home button to get your iPad screen to light up.

The inside is so velvety and smooth, my hand is so rough. FML.
The quality for this Collection smells rich as is made of felt wool and genuine leather.

Preppie collection is going at a limited offer of $49.00 (Original $69.90) only!
So do head down to istudio this X'mas Season to check out the ipad covers!

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*istudio is Apple Premium Reseller in singapore.
retail location : Change Alley, Paragon, Changi Airport T3, Orchard Central, Plaza Singapura & Velocity @ Novena Sq

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Blovet Beauty said...

U look awesome with any color lip! Wat are u using on ur lips for the red and pink looks??

Anna said...

Your blog doesn't sync in time with many of your Google Reader subscribers, they just showed me this entry for the first time and I saw you had already posted it two days ago :(

I loooovelooooooveloooooooooooooooove the pics so damn much <3 I always told ya you need to make a career in modeling!

Miss dblchin said...

@Blovet beauty- thank you so much! I'm using NYX 709 deep red and lancome juicy tube!]

@Anna, thats flattering, I lov ur pics even more, serious!

IceCreamBun said...

I think red lips goes perfectly with fair skin, and you are of fair skin~~~~ You look fab~~~

sugar sugar said...

you look so awesome and those ipad covers really look great too! :)

Elisa ♥ said...

you look awesome and so different than usual dblchin :D love the make up especially your lipstick ^^ !!! love the case as well of course :D its so good for in the office

CAMILLA said...

great outfit..
where did u get that blazer?

iPad Mini Tiger Case said...

Nice photos and those ipad covers really look great too! :)