Fuwarie hair burn care series


Hiiiii dblchinis !!!

Have u girls heard of heart burn? no I bet u also never heard of hair burn!
Actually hair burn is when one style their hair too much with hot tools that causes hair to lose moisture, lusture, dry n crips.

So before u go into harsh damage, is best to pre-prep them first.

I've got this amazing product from fuwarie right here right now.
Yes is the heat styling mist for curly hair (Fuwarie curly styling mist 150ml @ $12.90)

Is really easy to use, spray mist into hair when hair is slightly damp, wait for it to dry before using the hot tools.

After I'm done with my curls I'll use this! Fuwarie soft arrange jam 50gm also going @$12.90
It keeps my hair in place after using those hot tools, the key is to use sml amounts to work your way. Don't use a handful like how u normally dig those booger right outta ur nose.

The awesome thing abt fuwarie products are they smell great like fruits no wonder everyone wants to taste my head when I sprit fuwarie on my hair.

U dblchinis ought to try these out! Go Checkout ur nearest drugstore now!!! (selected watsons, alt beauty corner@BHG)


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♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

seem to be great products! I haven't seen them in the US yet but i hope they'll start selling them in the asian markets! hehe

yvonne said...

Wow, I'm looking forward Fuwarie products in the nearby drug stores :D

Elisa ♥ said...

loving the packaging :D