Maxi dress for yacht partieee

Hello dblchinissssssssssssss~

I was invited to my frds hatch bday party a few weeks ago & was overwhelmed!!!
So I took the chance to dress up again with my maxi dress but this time with a little twist on my hair. Yes with a floral clip to suit the breezy out door feel. Actually u can hardly find any wind in Singapore... O well still dressing up is fun.

I'm sorry I must've bore u with this maxi dress over n over again, I promise I'll buy somemore of these for your viewing pleasure! Haha.

Yes it was our very own aqualabel winner Xindrella celebrating her bday.
I've nv been on a yacht for any event before so really eggcited about it.
Is her 20th bday party & how many eons ago was mine???

yacht will be berth alongside at the Marina, Keppel Bay. I suppose to rent the yacht for 5 hours cost approx $3k.

So here you go, let's hv a look at the yacht.

The yacht has 3 cabins & an enclosed hall to watch Tv.

Down the stairs to the cabins

cabin one, a spacious one with U-shaped benches, I suppose this cabin is considered as lounge out area.

mini cabin fit for one.

a master cabin equipped with toilet.

However, when u head out to the 2nd deck, there's an area waiting for you to bbq your food.

Amazing scenery even thought the yacht is docked in bay.

So I took pixs with the bday girl...

as well as for myself too!

Yea my job is to act pretty n camwhore.
That's her lomo cammy~


That's my dress...

cya soon dblchinissssssssss!!!


sugar sugar said...

your dress is so cute! it looks like you had an amazing time and for some weird reason blogger made my comment magically disappear. :(

Hayley said...

You look great in that maxi dress! I've never been on a yacht before.. this looks fun!

Uma Preve said...

Pretty dress and pretty girl wearing it! Hope you had a great time at the yacht!

Fern Li said...

You're so pretty!! :3 even though ive said it like 8427476397 times already xD
I wanna go to a yacht party!! T-T
I've only been on a yacht 2-3 times because my uncle has one :P

Michelleesque said...

AHHH You are so gorgeous! :)

Yvonne said...

You look sweet and pretty and tall in maxi dress XD
I'm getting one maxi now....

Boat Hire Sydney said...

Nice location for a birthday party.

used boat sales said...

That's a cool yacht for the birthday party. At least you get to enjoy it with a nice dress.