Going blues with eyeshadow & awesome nightout

Hi dblchinis~

Is been a while since I started hanging out late & this is one of those days I decided to dress myself up for a night party with my friends!

I had on blue hues of eyeshadow colours, they are from Sleek bad girl palette set!
I'm wearing top falsies for a more dramatic look and bottom ones from Dolly wink collection No.6.

Also put on a pair of blue contacts from focus dailies.

I gave a little more emphasis on the outer corner of my eyes by wearing on a deeper darker blue.

Oh and my teeth are really straight this time round, thanks invisalign.

Put on my fedora and curled my red hair.

Pair on a awesome outfit
Srsly Les affaire's outfit is not only wearable at home,
but out to the streets too.

We head off to 1 Altitude for a splendid nightout.
Fou can definitely checkout the 360-degree sky dining view in singapore.

The below images are stolen material on fb, taken by my frds.

Checkout the spectacular view at the back

my awesome gf's.
Sorry but they are all taken.

Oh this beautiful lass is still single I suppose, guys grab your flowers and get her number!

My brother, no blood relation though.
I guess this is when you can almost touch the sky, a little closer to heaven eh?


This is chao girly.
It Means a real man that looks like a butch.

Man... I shouldn't b showing this coz my girl over the left is snoozing off but checkout me and my gf's arms.
Miss anorexic VS Pork lard.

Alrighty that's all for now
Admire my red hair before the colour runs.

cya soon dblchinis!!!

*Not paid to blog about this.


Ice Pandora said...

Nice party photos! And I love your eye make up.
Looks like a beautiful club ^___^


Anna said...

I love the look, blues totally suit you and the dramatic lashes make your eyes look so seductive.

Elisa ♥ said...

Like the look :D it's so aqua blue !! and whoaa the view is so pretty in the pictures

Fern Li said...

Youre super pretty omg!! =o
Nice blue eyeshadow! ^^ you make it look so nice~
I love your lashes aswell!

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~