MJ eye reset Gel Review

Hey hihi dblchinis!!!

I've bought this sometime ago but yet get a chance to use it!
The Majolica Majorca Eye Reset Gel,
this is retailing at all watsons store(singapore) at $9.90

I've got 4 different eye makeup on the back of my hand.
From top : mascara from Maybelline Magnum, black felt tip liner from maybelline, pencil eyeliner from Stage, and Jumbo eyeliner from NYX.

The eye reset Gel remover comes out clear and gel-like as though the name itself.
The consistency is a little like your cleanising oil, gel like but a little oily base.

I rubbed the gel in circular motion and it seems like it works really well on pencils (stage) and crayons (NYX).
As for the liquid liners and mascara, it wasn't thoroughly removed.

Thus I did a 2nd round gently rubbing.
and clean it with a wet wipe.
As u can see some liner marks are still showing.

Then I let the running tap work on the back of my hand...
It kinda washed away all the makeup!

But then again, testing on the back of my hand and eye is somewhat different. My eye is much more delicate and sensitive.

So I decided to show u how I used the reset gel to remove my eye makeup

I'm having, my brows drawn, eyeliner and fake lashes + glue. No mascara was used.
First I squeeze a favorable amount and rub it on my eye with a Q-tip.
I realised the Q-tip wasn't making any progress with removing my eye makeup.

So I decided to used my fingers instead.
I used my 'ring' finger to draw circular motions...

true enuf after like 15 secs, I managed to remove the top and bottom lashes as well as my eye liner!
Quite clean isn't it?

The dblchin Frown.

Ewww... so much makeup on the cotton pad.

After wiping off the makeup, it looks cleaner much.
However, gel is not as smooth as liquid remover thus the tugging and friction.

I like using this gel remover but not as much as my all time favourite, loreal eye and lip makeup remover. I guess my eyes are way sensitive to be tugged and meddle with.

However, I have to give credit of how clean it removes my makeup. Yes, this manages to remove all traces of my eye makeup. Thumbs up to that!

Cya soon~



*~kAy~* said...

It looks like it did a pretty good job removing the lashes and makeup! :)
hm.. I'm not too sure if I'll like the oily base though... does it feel oily on the parts you have used it?

sugar sugar said...

great review clara!
the dblchin frown is soooo cute btw! :)

Hayley said...

Something new to me ;)
And its not so expensive also... wish to invest in one, thanks for sharing!

나니 said...

Oh no, I hate oily bases : ( I don't have oily skin.. and excess oil can just be removed with a dry wipe, but I hate having anything oily on my face - even just for cleansing..
I don't like makeup removers that take a lot of effort -__-" Nothing worse than coming home tired and having to spend WAY too long washing off makeup..
The dblchin frown is so cuuute :'D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I've always used oil base make-up remover but would love to try this gel base! plus, I love MJ! Their packaging is so cute~!
Also, I love your picture with the falsies all fallen off! You're just so cute > < *hugs*

vivianism said...

Thanks for this review!

Elisa ♥ said...

thanks for the review and btw. That's how you remove your fake eyelashes? :O cause I never seem to know how to remove lashes on a good way :)

Blair said...

I'm not fond of this remover at all, it stings, clouds my vision AND doesn't clean off all of my eye makeup. Glad it is working so well for you though!! =]

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

you gave me this ^__^ I love it too, but it was a totally strange experience when I tried it XD

London's-beauty said...

aww this looks good ^_^ haha when i take off my false eyelashes, it falls onto my cheeks aswell :P

sncport said...

I'm surprised to see your brows were black! I thought you dyed it brown. I'm stumped, how do you make black brows look light brown? do you put concealer/foundation on your brows?

mookxi.com said...

I love those lashes, where are they from ? ;-D

Yvonne And Her Playground said...

Product looks cool!

Doctor Catsburger said...

You are so BEAUTIFUL !!