Camwhore City© - camwhoring with maxis

hey hey dblchinis!!!

I never thought I could carry off maxis until now, coz bf says I look like snow white & the 7 DWARFS, yes one of them & no not the tall one.

It made me sad like for 0.9876348683 secs.

Until one of my friends encouraged me to go give maxi dresses a try. She mentioned that it works well on petite girls or excreamly tall ones.

So I did a hunt and to my surprise...I dun feel midgety at all!

And I bought a pair of Wedges to go along with it!

Infact, the dress makes me feel taller.
This is because of the empire cut right under my bust elongating the length of my body.

Now I'm one happy dblchin!
Have a great weekend and enjy!



Lim Kai Shin said...

I have to try this!! I am quite tall already actually, but I wanna be taller! :)

Anonymous said...

Yesyes! I love to wear maxi dresses! Really made me look and feel taller! But don stand beside tall girls, will give ourselves away. ahhaha!

Hayley said...

Lovely dress you've got!
I have only one maxi dress.. am not wearing it too often :P
You have fun and enjoy~

sugar sugar said...

wow it looks gorgeous on you dear! :) maxis are also so comfy. perfect for your country's weather. ;)

citrella said...

your maxi dress looks nice. Vibrant colour. Ready for CNY right? :)

MISAKI said...

i have a maxi too!
but i'm extremely tall...
my friend say dun wear cause i too tall but i'm gonna give it a try(:

나니 said...

Haha, aww the dress definitely makes you look taller as well : D Great photos! Your hair looks FAB!

Fashion Cents said...

your bright colored dress is so pretty!

ken said...

the cutting makes a huge difference eh? nice :)

Elisa ♥ said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi dress :D i'm way too short for it xD