OCC lip tars Grandma & Hush

Hiya dblchinis!

Hv you heard on OCD?
Obsessive–compulsive disorder
well I self diagnosed that I'm a little of that.

Anyways....to relate the OC-ness

There are actually OCC around! and they are the:
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!
lip tars to b exact

Wacky name seriously! Thanks to awesome peeps like MakeupBlogette
I get a chance to try out these awesome lip tars from her current sprees.
Seriously, is indeed not easy organizing sprees, u gotta to factor the itsy bitsy shipping cost, lets give her a round of applause *clap many times*

Oh I just saw her current spree going on, if u r interested in ordering lip tars do hop over here!

Anyways.... I ordered 2clrs the last round & I'm just merely showing my camwhore city© Pics to u!

Colour #1
Very nice hot coralish look! but not excatly coral.
Is v hard to describe this clr.
Is a inbetween hot and mild kinda shade.

So If I'm to wear this out, I'll definitely keep my eye makeup really simple.
If u put on too many fancy clrs onto ur eye u might just end up looking messy.

This is rather an eye-catching hue, Do if u wan to try out a safer clr proceed onto the next pic!

Colour #2

I totally dig this shade a huge load as it performs a sweet princessy look
Is a pink nude & it definitely blends well with almost all skin clr.

What I lip about lip tars from OCC is that the clrs stays on ur lips for a long long time and u only need a wee amount fill them up ur lips.

Do try out this colour as this is very versatile to go with almost every makeup~!
I think it'll b great if you can do a smokey look in pair with this colour!

Till nx time!


*not paid to do this, bought all these with my hardearn money together with sweat and tears.


Lenna said...

i LOVE the coral one! :)

chantana said...

Grandma look really nice on you!!!!!!!!

Uma Preve said...

Hush looks so lovely on you dear!

Elisa Lee said...

love the coral/nude one =D

Ken said...

lovely =]

but ur top is even nicer

The Bimbo said...

I like the *hush* one!!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Personally, I like the Hush, but on you, I like the Grandma one ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

i have these lip tars and I love using them! super pigmented and easy as 123 to apply!

Sassyd0ll said...

woah! Grandma suits you so perfectly!! sexy lips can!! muacks!

Goldfish Uncle said...

2nd one nice!!!! 1st one look abit cartoon!!