WORLDCUP madness & Cosplaying- Kaito vocaloid


Incase U dunno, If u dblchinis hv follow my tweets ( I'm so occupied with worldcup! I hadn't blog for a while!

I used to hate Foot Ball like how u hate ur pet peeing on ur fav carpet, But now I'm nuts about it!

I think is the Octopus that Predicts Germany Victory/Loss put a Curse on me to get hooked on football. Btw if u hadn't learn about this greedy Oracle octopus named PAUL, u should read here.

Psst, he predicted Germany's loss over Spain in the semi-finals tonight. Wtf, I think he ate too much.
Now all the German players v scared (Read here) . Y scared? hiya dun b la, Dblchin gives u full support. I plan to stay up for the Eggiciting show tonight!!!
I've Nothing against Spaniards, I just feel that Germans play better on the field.

Anyways, that's all the side note.

Now Lets get back on to track.

Talking about beauty, I just did my makeup on my bro.

He look me right in the eye and told me he wanted to change SEX, so asked me to giv him a heads up on makeup.

So I gave him a full transformation...
Chio not???

NO LA!!!
I'm just purely kidding, Just like how I joked about having Octopus sashimi for dinner!

WEll... Anyways, I did Makeup on my bro for cosfest event!

And here u go~

He's suppose to cosplay a character named Kaito from the Japanese anime vocaloid

Here's the character for ur reference

And the mini Figurine!

What do u think???
I have to say, I like my brother's height.
My Bro at the Venue.
pics with one of the fans! HAHA LIKE REAL!

Some Say the makeup looks more like 'L' from Deathnote

Well Whatever it means, is a fun filled day for him!

BTW my mum asked me whether is he trying to b a woman??? HELLO!?

Last but not least, seen Kaito in Glasses yet???



citrella said...

Handsome brother!~~

Ken said...

haha awesome

Dolce♥Bunny said...

your brother is handsommmmmmmmmmm!!!!
haha! Good job on the make up!!

Goldfish Uncle said...

hot dbl... i swear we got fate. Limpek was just writing abt costumes too! Well.. sort of. Its a sign for us to get married

but germany must still go down tonight

...SimMiChikO said...

wow he does look like the anime!

Blair said...

He really looks like Kaito with glasses on!

Hahaha, Paul's prediction came true again!!

Nur KissKat said...

He does look like the character


Ken said...

i wish my sister would do my makeup for me

Isley Chang~ said...

cool~ your bro do really looks mimic like the anime character.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I'm an avid football fan, I'm looking forward to the World Cup Final this weekend, Germany were the favourites it's a surprise they're not in the final.

haha enjoyed the joke before about your brother! great make-up done on him, looked very alike the anime character.

Have A Good Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Vocaloid is not an anime. Just so you know.

Morgan said...

The glasses version somehow looks like Kyoya Ootori.