Blogging from my iPhone

Hihi dblchinis

Long time no see me!!! Sorry!

I'm attempting to blog from my iphone like now, yes now!

I paid like freaking $2.99 bucks for this application so definitely die die also must test out by randomly posting (non)shitty stuff

N this is a pretty random post n camwhore pic!!!

I was asked to be the face model for 女人我最大 kevin老师 the past wkend , n this is the look he created.

He is really an awesome celebrity makeup artist with 101% passion in his work.

I'll definitely blog more abt this in my later entries. In the meantime, do enjy the abv pic!

Have fun reading!
Toodles ~

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Ken said...

thats a nice face~!

Kelvin said...

U went to taiwan?

Tammy said...

So lucky! I've wanted to get an iPhone too so I can blog from it too but haven't taken the plunge yet lol

Dolce♥Bunny said...

ooo! you lucky girl! love the look! and i didnt know you had to pay to use blogspt from your iphone... that sucks :(

Sharon said...

WOW... the makeup that Kevin lao shi did for you is gorgeous!

opps.. wont blogging using iphone abit mafan? Sometimes I send a short email also troublesome, can only see a few lines of words from the phone's screen..