Garnier Featuring dblchin & FREEBIES


~Dblchin~ Miss Camwhore City©
Hiya dblchinis!

Lets reminisce a little...

Remember there was a time I've mass whore begged & pleaded u to vote for me?
In case u don't remember, pls check this out to refresh ur memory.

N I remembered my dad repeatedly mentioned that the photo in that above link is hideous.

Well... Dun care abt him...

I actually got into the final 48

I didn't win.

So go ahead BOO me!

(all pics credited to Facebook Garnier 16 Skin Tone Search)
So where is dblchin?

The final 48

But Still, my thumbnail images came out in mags!

8 days.
Who is that girl holding a something on the top left corner???

OMG! Is that dblchin again?! HAHA!
Ok the girl on the bottom left corner is definitely not me, she is no doubt one of the winners & is mega Hottilicious (cross my heart n swear a gazillion times). Her name is Ariel.

Well well....back to me,
Garnier is definitely using my picture again!
Now they r going to feature me (maybe just a small section) in the papers expressing my feel on the product!

In addition, they've snt me a couple of stuff to play with,
I'm seriously thankful, thanks to all gods in heaven.
Wee, wee, wee~ always a happy blogger!

Lets check them out shall we?

IS TIME FOR..............

~Miss Camwhore City© !!!

I've got Cleansing foam & scrub
They comes in a splash of refreshing yellow!
Have a taste(not literally) of that awesome citrus!

Who doesn't want a more radiant skin tone?

ok. maybe my dog richie, all he needs is a Toy.


And maybe a headband.

Free stuff again!
Toner, Whitening essence & peeling cream.
Sorry girls. Miss Fairy is here to stay.

Check out all those masks.
Awesome! I can become a mask-ed superhero like every other week!

Ok, thats enuf digestion for the day!
So look out for me in a minuscule corner on either Today/Straits Time/Newpaper or all of em!



Renay Shanel said...

Awesome !! :]

Ken said...

too bad u didnt win
but u still came out in the magazine =D

Angelique said...

Congrats on having been featured like that! & yay for the free goodies! I wish we had that stuff here.

dblchin said...

Thank u dblchinis! u guys are totally awesome bunch! I feel like winner oredy~!

Karen said...

Congratulations on being a runner up in the Garnier contest Hun! It must have been exciting and also fun to meet the other contestants :)
Awww Richie is so cute.
Let us know if any of those Garnier products are good.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for saying hi - I really appreciate it.
Have a lovely day

Fashion Cents said...

thanks for your comment! Thats awesome that you're on youtube. I love youtube beauty channels. I'll have to subscribe.

You look so pretty in those photos and your dog is cute too lol!

Tammy said...

Oooh you should have totally made it to the top! You're sooo cute!! I'm following you now^^

Ohhh and yes, definitely check out Jill Stuart if you're in Japan--but if you're going to be inTaiwan too, you should definitely buy JS there bc it's a bit cheaper there :D

Luchie said...

aww you're so beautiful, that's too bad you didn't win.

thanks for stopping by...

Debbie said...

Ahh thank you so much! And in fact.. it ain't that cold in Holland ;) it's about 15 degrees! So wearing these tights wasn't really a cold experience ;)


LexiTokyo said...

Ahw congrats! =)
You're so pretty.

I'm following you!
Follow me? :)

Angie said...

wow! congrats on your fame :D it's okay if you didn't win, you're still pretty ~

Goldfish Uncle said...

hot ger you are the winner if limpek ever hold any competition!

Serena said...

Final 48 is pretty good as is! I'm sure they interviewed a lot more girls.

Congrats on being featured!! That must be nice. Did you get a copy of the magazine? I know I would've ran out and bought one. {*hehe}

And nice goodies! Atleast you have products to try out and a feature in the article. You're pretty regardless. =]

<3s Serena.

sophia said...

Whoa I recognize girl in TOP LEFT! lol. At least you got lots of freebies!! Congrats on making it so far!