Road Trip 6-7sep

Tripping in groups are almost impossible as hectic lifestyle had already murdered our mundane lives. However, almost every member manages to squeeze dry little of their time to pimp the ride; a cruise to genting high.

Embarking at Nai ye's hse during wee hours wasn't easy for all, Some had a long majong night to keep their boost going, while others had momentary insomnia, afraid once they shut their eyes they might jolly sleep through the cozy night. one was was horrendously late, a pat on the shoulder for all.

An overwhelming of exciteness hover around us as we gathered around; chit-chatting, screwing, bitching, kissing, louder than the newspaper boy.

That also explains the click, click & click .

Group photo
The missing: Jason Lee holding the cammy while Zj went off to relieve his pee

The stripey


The primary family: Red, Blue & Green

Zj had maiden touch of the trip

After cruising off the causeway, we had our intermittent stopovers. Needless to say, we cammed promiscuously, shamelessly...

Jason, Cf & Rena
Check out rena's shades, circular purfect 10/10

mid-point @ some barang barang place.
Smiley faces
Continuation of the stripey
i heart this pic

Men bitch too.

Attempting metrosexuals

Nothing, just to show jasonL's Ka mor.

When JasonL takes over the wheel, our panorama skills took place. We took ensemble of snaps of ..........' OURSELVES'. Of course!

Clean nostrils , well maintained
The tease: bite my lips.

Besides our usual North-east line, Zj's building some lines on his forehead.
007 slutShhh.... Ginny snoring.

007 copycat

Shhhh... Jason Sleep Driving
Up hill was a tough ride! Drizzling & steep, our formidable JasonL manages to take on the role of Initial D , twisting n turning the steer with great force. For every sharp bend, he manages to maneuver it with skillful tactic. Just when I m about to praise him for his ingenious moves, he broke the silence to Ginny : ' Ay b, next time when u drive here u just follow behind the Taxi , he turn where, u just turn. The taxi drive up so many times liao, he sure knows how to smooth the ride up the hill'

Erm... so chey right, I thought what superb skills lo.

Finally, we reached our destination safe & sound. While waiting for check-in, we sat down at some cafe for a food session, time to messed with my cammy again.

Action liao liao
Looks like Richie boy

When we've collected our keyz, baby n I proceed straight to our room to dump our packs.
As expect from the last expedition, I m looking at someone elses window through our window, bleah.... shut the blinds.

Mirror testing

Mugshot: acting coy
Ok, Time to Roam the vicinity.

Ny looks like Andy Lau in the 80's.

-the bench warmer-
ostracize to a corner
Chee hates me snaping

JasonL lurves this pic, feels like a million dollars thinner.
After a round of jackpot in the casino, we proceed back to our sojourn to turn in.

Outta shower, camming

ok I cam when i sleep ok?!

Following day:

Nothing: just to show u they've got water dispenser along the walkway
Bedok Win Win WIN!

usual protocol: the grp snap b4 departure. This place is unimaginably cold.
Had a temporary drawback before we left hill. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rena's car battery had turned faulty causing a halt. The 4 hunkies pushed the car outta the driving lot for attempting to connect the current against another car. Our only media was a cable connection but were not equipped with one. Thus, the boys again, went around desperately hoping some kind soul would happen to have one with em.

Executing with a cable wasn't successful but car launches into power with the help of some chap.
He was some salvager from Rena's contact & manages to expedite the fault by changing a whole new battery for us. KUDOS! We can now finally set off home.

Last but not least, we hav a sumptuous dinner @ JB to make this trip whole.

All dished up! Slurp!

*ps: missing photos will be uploaded on Facebook.

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