Bloging in despair?!

Makes me ponder when coming across some foreign blogs with full page of depressing post, y do they choose the daunting path in life, is there really nothing much worth writing about? Some bloggers bitch & gloat every sec now & then on their widespread blog but i'd to say, Kudos~ to them, I'm gleefully tasting their juicy stories.

Is this really inevitable or is just another act to boost oneself popularity OR Maybeee just shedding croc-tears purely to win readers sympathy?
I've been thru that, writing miserable entries just hoping someone would join in my plight n make me feel better in person but nevertheless it seems as if I'm just playing the deceiving role to myself.
Now that my senses are awaken & all agonizing post have been omitted, I rather put them down in a book & chuck it deep in the contents of my drawer. It would then be safe in my own compound instead of exposing to the vast outlook of the 'net-world'. Then at times of boredom, I'd flip the pages back & chortle at my own dismaying self, hence bracing out to the world again.

Depressing blogs are just like contribution to Suicidal attempts. Lifes too short to hold back, Momentary stopping in ur own morbid life gains more negative ions, so y not cheer up to the brighter side in life?

However, I m not making a statement here thus spare me from all nonsensical comments, missy me is just an onlooker seeking out the positive vibes along side. So join me, hop through the planes of strawberry fields or maybe even more. Godspeed to every deal in life!

Silly Goose with her lovely soulmate
(repetition of what's been done to poor daddykins)

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