MIA- Locked up abroad

okok I can explain for my disappearance, I was held captive by pyongyang for 2 weeks and there was no access to food let alone internet for the whole of my lock up. 

What do u mean is not true? North Korea has gotten my brains, I nearly forgotten how to blog!

As for my great escape, I shall not go into that because the story will probably be to long winded to consider as a blogpost and too complicated for you to understand. Just say I didn't succumb to any sexual favours by Kim JongUn, by looking at his face already made me lose my appetite for kimchi.

Anyways glad to be back on Virtual reality, here are some seoul flavours to entice you to visit dblchin blog more often.

I'll be back very soon again after I've file my Income Tax for the year 2012.

Teddy Bear Museum at Seoul Tower

My own version of love lock

Happiest moment.

Me in Hanbok, traditional Korean dress.
Speaking of royalty.

Camwhoring at its best with guard at Deoksugung Palace.

Hugeass strawberries, sweet, appetising that totally tasted out of the world.

I promise there will be more of Seoul very soon.
Till then,


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