Pre- Wedding Shots- Preview

Hi dblchinis~

Sorry for not updating for the l0ngest time, I was busy with my wedding remember?

Well... to keep you coming I'm gonna post some unconventional Pre-wedding shots (preview only) here for you! Hope u like it :)

Full sets will soon to come~

Definitely will update more of my wedding stuff, stay tune!

Bear Attack


Fire Rescue


我是贝比@baby said...

Hi, congratulation.
Can't wait for ur full sets.

Why there's fire in ur kitchen?

나니 said...

I'm SO fucking excited for you! : D Your husband is super lucky! You look like a goddess!

Ice Pandora said...

OHMYGOD! You are getting
married?? I'm so happy
for youuu <3
These pre-wedding photos
are really original and
creative c: I like it!
Love the underwater one!

I can't wait for more
pictures, looking forward
to it!

Mayor bless you ^___^

Guilty Hyena said...

Congratulations !! Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world.

The underwater shoot is stunning, the kitchen fire action photo is super too !! very original.

look forward to seeing more..

Anonymous said...

Why so cute one ur wedding pictures!