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Hi Dblchinis!!!

Featuring Clothing Candy this time roundPhotobucket
Huge varieties of selection to choose from!

Look what they sent me!

Blue Princess Cut Enchanting Dress
Totally loving the stud details and ruching at the front bustier.
Even with the metal embellishment, the dress still looks pretty feminine!
Pair this with an oversize diamond earring to bring out the glam kitten in you 'meow~'
Lycra Material feels really soft to the touch & is comfy to wear in!
Sorry if I look like Land of the dead here, the timer went off before I could stand still.

Clothes for the young and hip *doing the yo sign*


working ladies (Office lady yo!)

They have prom dresses too!!!

V Neck Purple Rhinestones Deco Waist Dress

Pink Tube Prom Princess Dress

Y u no send me this one?!
Purple One Shoulder Elegant Bridesmaid Gown

Another awesome piece that I've received.
Mustard Long Sleeves Outerwear
I totally love light weight outerwear nowadays.
I can just simply wear a simple tankie/tee shirt and throw this on...
voila! I'm ready to head out. In style k.

The chiffon material is super awesome, I could just fit it anywhere in my bag and it will not add extra weight at all.
Swee, wear and flash my armpit like no tomorrow is <3


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