Truth Behind McDonald's- Open House tour

Hi dblchinisssss!!!
I just attended a open house tour to McDonald's Last week.

It was really an eye opening experience, take a look and you'll know y.

People are always stereotyping that fast food seLinkrves unhealthy stuff and all, today I'm so gonna bring you around and explain the truth behind it.
Well of course, by explaining whats happening behind the counters doesn't gives you an excuse to munch on fast food everyday.

Less oily way of cooking doesn't discount your calories intake.

Before we start the tour, I bump into 2 lovely beauty bloggers over here.
Felicia & Verlyn

And I got served with Green tea, slurps! I love it better with less ice

So the open house representative giving introduction to McDonald's, srsly need intro meh?
The whole world knows about mac oredy!
Lets get down to the tourrrrrrrrrrrr plueaseeeeeeee.

Kays the tour starts here...

Oooooo! Nice BUNS!

every batch of buns are written with the expiry date, with the practice of first in first out.
first in first out cycle ensures the buns that are nearer to expire date is utilize first so that there will be less food wastage.

Now we are at the store of McDonald's.
nothing is being placed on the ground, or chuck anywhere as you please.
A very good practice of cleanness and hygiene.

Lighter items goes on the top
(eg. papercups)

And heavier items at the bottom.
(eg, bottles of hot fudge)

Here are the boxes for Chicken McGrill neatly packed away.
Thumbs for this section.

Next we proceed to the crew room
Just nice, the crew members are having their lunch break!

All the awesome happenings are plastered around the crew area.
Guess who's the Crew member of the month award for august?
ok I also duno who, coz I never snap any pic of the crew.

The usual reveal to customers like us

But what u don't know is the kitchen
Weee , where all the work in progress is happening!

They change fresh oil everyday to make sure all we get is clean and healthy food.

Wooo becareful when handing with hot oil, you wouldn't wana scald yourself.
Timer is set till the food gets fried golden brown.

The filets are packed nicely in this Rack
& is well labelled so that is easy to recognized by everyone

simpler for the crew too!

These are the sauces, tartar, mayo blah, all neatly placed next to each other.

Burgers packaging!

Guess what is this for?

Frying the meat patty!!!
u place the meat patty in and close the clam.
Macham like ironing clothes like that huh!

After the tour, all of us are naturally famished.

We are served with delish food from Mac's.

This is the first time I'm having corn cup from Mac.


and the latest big and tasty.

The patty is soft and it taste awesome.

Oh yea I yet to try the Fries with cheese toppings until the event day.

Time to shake shake.


Thanks McDonald's & OMY ~☺☺☺

*Not paid to blog this.


나니 said...

I don't eat McD food. Mostly because of all the pork-derived additives and all the sugar, but also because I knew a few people who worked there.. and they told me how food was handled >_>" It was gross.

Anna said...

Singapore McD's is said to have the best burgers, of course my mom and I tried that out - in Chinatown lol, right next to the subway station and surprisingly that was TRUE. Your burgers contain more salt, which make them tastier.

Uma Preve said...

I agree that Singapore Mc D tastes different then the ones in Europe.. I think here in Europe everyone is health conscious and are always checking the ingredients in food...

Fern Li said...

thats probably the truth behind YOUR mcdonalds :P lol!
australia mcdonalds look very unhygienic in some areas, but i guess it still tastes good >< i only buy chicken-related stuff from McDonalds. xD like McChicken meal, yum yummy~ *-*

hevn said...

Nice tour but the Sunrise Tower MacDonald, Penang has crews that has the "you owe me a million bucks" face >.<

And they serve coke minus the gas. Complain and they'll give you a new one - minus the gas again.

Sorry about the rant it's just that ours terrible.. T.T

Carrie said...

Why Malaysia doesn't have the cheese powder for the french fries? I want i want!