Vanity Over-powered

My Shiseido Nose pack ordered from spree @ Livejournal is finally here & we've tested out its efficiency last wk. Each pack cost approx $1.60, n could be store away(in e chiller) n use for 2-3 times. Depending on the area u are targeting on(WARNING: DO NOT APPLY ON WHOLE of ur FACE).

Baby n me experimenting on different areas.
check out our imbecile faces, we really look like complete idiots.
The 20-30 mins leave on mask claims to peel off stubborn black heads n purifies e skin. I expected to c tons on black heads to be stuck on the mask after peeling. Unfortunately, the dirt is still pretty 'stuck' on my skin.Well...I'm not saying it didn't do its job but that wasn't enuf for me, at the end of the day I still had to head down my beautician for a thorough cleansing.

If u r planing to use it on ur entire face, Pls don't attempt to even try. Is Damned difficult to peel it off & SUPER PAINFUL!!! I foolishly did the above & is like all my facial hair was stuck on on the mask itself. While i m peeling I can feel my tears welling up, so pls expect the worst if u still dare to take on the challenge despites my warnings. May God bless ur face...

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